Translation Directorate

All translation jobs pertaining to the business of the House and the Secretariat are handled by this Branch. These include Orders of the Day, questions and their replies, Resolutions, Adjournment Motions, Privilege Motions, Calling Attention Notices, Motions Under Rule 194, admitted lists of questions, allocation of days and reports of the Senate committees. These documents are translated from Urdu to English and vice versa.

S. No. Name Designation
1 Mir Shai Mazar Baloch Director General (Translation)
2 Muhammad Saleem Director (Translation)
3 Muhammad Tariq Mahsood Deputy Director (Translation)
4 Aziz Salam Assistant Director (Translation)
5 Sayyidah Maryam Shaheen Assistant Director (Translation)
6 Muhammad Abubakar Siddique Assistant Director (Translation)
7 Neelam Arbab Assistant Director (Translation)
8 Iram Shafique Deputy Director (Translation)