Research Directorate

The Senate Research Directorate caters to the research and information demands of members regarding House proceedings and plenary sittings. The Department assists with Senate outreach engagements, including international conferences, bilateral engagements and public hearings. The services offered by the Research Directorate range from preparing legislative histories, briefs and background research papers on significant policy matters, to comparative statements, country papers and short studies on a wide range of subjects.

S. No. Name Designation
1 Iffat Mustafa Director General (Coordination/Research)
2 Zeshan Qamar Director (Research)
3 Akhunzada Attaullah Khan Malik Deputy Director (Research)
4 Bushra Rafique Dahar Deputy Director (Research)
5 Farhana Wagha Deputy Director (Research)
6 Muhammad Salman Assistant Director (Research)
7 Sabiha Shakir Assistant Director (Research)
8 Wijdan Khaliq Assistant Director (Research)
9 Muhammad Bilal Bokhari Assistant Director (Research)
10 Javaid Rasool Assistant Director (Research)
11 Summiyah Khalid Assistant Director (Research)
12 Saqib Anwar Assistant Director (Research)