Mian Raza Rabbani

Name: Mian Raza Rabbani Picture of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani   
Tenure: March 2018 to March 2024
Province: Sindh
Party: Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP)
Seat Description: General

Mobile Number: 0300-5006990
Local Address: A-308, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad
Permanent Address: 14/II, Street 31 Phase-V, DHA, Opp. Khayaban-e-Shamshir Karachi.



Father’s Name: Late Mian Ata Rabbani

Date of Birth: 23rd July, 1953.

Educational Qualifications:

a) B.A. (Hons)

b) LLB. (Bachelor of Law).


Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Political Affiliation: Pakistan People’s Party (1968 till date)

Current Positions:

a) Member, Senate of Pakistan.

b) Former Chairman, Senate of Pakistan.

Political Positions Held:

Additional Secretary General, Pakistan People’s Party. Decoration:

a) Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Highest Civil Award of Pakistan) awarded for Parliamentary services).


a) Bacha Khan Award for the Defence of Provincial Rights. (14-12-2011)

b) Human Rights Society of Pakistan, award for rendering valuable services for Human Rights for the year 2006.

Parliamentary Services:

i) Senate Terms :

(i) 2012 to 2018;

(ii) 2006 to 2012;

(iii) 2003 to 2006;

(iv) 1997 to 1999;

(v) 1994 to 1997 and

(vi) 1993 to 1994 .

ii) Legislative drafting:

i. Chairman Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms;

(a) Co-authored and piloted Bill of Eighteenth Constitutional Amendment.

(b) Co-authored and piloted Bill of the Nineteenth Constitutional Amendment.

(c) Co-authored and piloted Bill of the 20th Constitutional Amendment.

ii. Drafted the Bill or Amendments to the following Bills in the Senate of Pakistan:

(a) Service Tribunals (Amendment) Bill, 2004.

(b) Banking Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2003.

(c) The Ratification of Foreign Agreements by Parliament Bill, 2004.

(d) The Exit from Pakistan (Control) (Amendment) Bill, 2004.

(e) The Pakistan Commissions of Inquiry (Amendment) Bill, 2004.

(f) The Declaration of Assets and Liabilities Bill, 2004.

(g) The Pakistan Portal on Contracts (Procurement of all Services and Purchase) Bill, 2004.

(h) The Removal from Service (Special Powers) Ordinance, 2000 Repeal Bill, 2004.

(i) The Fiscal Responsibility and Debt Limitation (Amendment) Bill, 2005.

(j) The Banking Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2009.

(k) The State Bank of Pakistan (Amendment) Bill, 2010.

(l) The State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation Ordinance (Repeal) Bill, 2010.

(m) Co-author of the Industrial Relations Bill, 2008.

(n) Co-author of the Industrial Relations Bill, 2012.

(o) Move Bill for the repeal of the National Security Council Act – 2001.

(p) Private member resolution passed by the Senate against General Musharaff.

iii) Parliamentary Offices:

a) Elected Chairman Parliamentary Committee on National Security.

i) Co authored 63 recommendations to the Resolution passed on 22nd October-2008 in a Joint Sitting of the Parliament.

ii) Co authored various other recommendations on National Security.

iii) Co authored new Terms of Engagements with the United States and NATO.

b) As Chairman Implementation Commission completed the process of devolution under the 18th Constitutional Amendment within the period of one year as provided in the Constitution.

c) Drafted Aghaze Haqooq-e-Balochistan (a development, administrative, political and financial package for Balochistan) and laid it before the Joint Sitting of Parliament.

d) Co authored two Resolutions on National Security passed by the Joint Sittings of Parliament on 8th October, 2008 and 14th May, 2011.

Cabinet Positions:

a) Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination and Human Rights (12th February, 2011 to 11th May, 2011 - resigned from the Cabinet).

b) Advisor to the Prime Minister from 19-03-2010 to 11-02-2011.

(i) Resigned as Advisor on 11th February, 2011.

c) Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination, (3rd November 2008 to 13th March, 2009 - resigned from the Cabinet).

d) Federal Minister of State for Law and Justice (1994-96).

e) Advisor, Chief Minister of Sindh, for Co-operative (1988-90).

Parliamentary Committee(s):

a) Member, Senate Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.

b) Member, Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights.

c) Member, Senate Standing Committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges.

d) Member, Senate Standing Committee on Defence and Defence Production.

e) Member, Senate Standing Committee on Planning and Development.

Offices Held:

a) Chairman, Parliamentary Committee on National Security.

b) Chairman, Implementation Commission on 18th Constitutional Amendment, (4th May, 2010 to 30th June, 2011).

c) Chairman, Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms (29th June, 2009 to 31st March, 2010).

d) Chairman, PPP Parliamentary Committee on Balochistan (resigned from the Chair).

e) Leader of the House, Senate of Pakistan, (30th March, 2008 to 13th March, 2009).

f) Leader of the Parliamentary Party PPP-Senate, (March, 2006 to 13th March, 2009).

g) Leader of the Opposition, Senate of Pakistan (10th Jan. 2005 to 12th Mar. 2006 and 12th June 2006 to 23rd March 2008)

h) Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Senate of Pakistan (1996-99)

i) Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting (1996-99)

j) Member Senate Standing Committee on Rules of Procedure & Privileges (1996-99).

k) Member Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet and Establishment (1996-99).

l) Member Senate Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs (1996-99).

m) Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Sports and Culture (1993-94).

n) Member, Senate Standing Committee on Law & Justice (1993-94).

o) Member. Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs (1993-94).

p) Acting Secretary General, Pakistan Peoples Party (2001-2003).

q) Chairman Cabinet Committee on Re-instatement of Sacked Employees. Election to the Office of President of Pakistan: Joint candidate of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Awami National Party and Balochistan National Party for the office of President of Pakistan (30th July, 2013) The Alliance boycotted the elections.

Positions in National / International Organizations:

a) Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, National Institute of Public Policy, Lahore (29-11-08 – 3-11-09).

b) Member, Board of Directors, Forum of Federations, Toronto, Canada (Remained).

c) Member, Ethics Committee, Socialist International, London (Remained).

d) Member, Executive Committee, Intra Parliamentary Union, Geneva (Remained).

e) Life Fellow, Forum of Federations, Toronto, Canada.


a) Authored a book, “A Biography of Pakistani Federalism”.

b) Authored a book, “LFO a fraud on the Constitution”.

c) Authored a book, “Invisible People” (English Short Stories).

d) Contributor in the book, “Blind Justice”.

e) Articles for various newspapers and periodicals.

Guest Speaker:

a) National Defence College/University.

b) Pakistan Air Force War College.

c) Civil Services Academy, Lahore.

d) NIPA, Lahore & Karachi.

e) National Management College.

f) Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

g) Bar Associations.

h) International and national seminars.

i) Represented Pakistan as a delegate / speaker at the UN General Assembly, Inter Parliamentary Union and Common Wealth Parliamentary Union.

j) Attended workshops at Wilton Park, UK. Jail Terms and Police Brutality:

a) Jailed for over two and a half year in the struggle for the rule of law, restoration of democracy and Human Rights (1977-2001).

b) Victim of violent police brutality in front of Parliament House (1998).