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Event Title: Senator Saleem Mandviwalla, Chief Whip Senate, visited the Turkish Consulate General in Karachi and met with Counsel General Mr. Cemel Sangu

Event Date: 2023-12-26

Senator Mandviwalla began by recalling his visit to Turkey in 2010, where he met with Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan and President Gull.

Highlighting the desire to strengthen ties, Senator Mandviwalla called for exploring more investment opportunities and multifaceted collaboration

Emphasizing the importance of bilateral relations, both parties expressed mutual support for promoting business and trade ties.

The Consul General shared that two Turkish companies were keen on investing in Pakistan to establish solar systems near Islamabad and Karachi. Senator Mandviwalla, declaring Turkey as their second home, pledged support and encouragement for Turkish companies.

Following the Consul General's advice, Senator Mandviwalla expressed intent to meet with Kaliyon in Karachi and also showed interest in meeting the representative of Aysis company involved in cleaning work in the southern areas of Karachi.

In a friendly gesture, Senator Mandviwalla extended an invitation to Mr. Cemel to attend his son's wedding, concluding the meeting with a reaffirmation of the enduring friendship between Pakistan and Turkey.