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Event Title: Senator Ishaq Dar Meets Delegation from World’s Leading Investment Institutions at Parliament House

Event Date: 2023-12-08

A delegation , representing portfolio managers, economists, and sovereign analysts from several of the world's leading investment institutions, led by Mr. Marc Zeepvat, President, Trans-National Research Corporation, held a meeting with Leader of the House, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, at Parliament House, Islamabad.

Senator Dar welcomed the delegation, emphasizing the significance of international collaboration for economic prosperity. During the meeting, he provided a comprehensive overview of the investment landscape in Pakistan, highlighting key aspects such as the country's economic outlook, the ongoing IMF Program, and the Privatization initiative.

During the meeting, Senator Dar apprised the delegation of the economic performance of Pakistan during 2013-17 when Pakistan became 24th global economy together with enhanced investment in public sector development works which resulted in Pakistan’s GDP growth to rise above 6% with 40 years low inflation of around 4%.

He shared insights into the reform efforts and challenges faced by Pakistan, underscoring the pivotal role of the Special Investment Facilitation Council in promoting a conducive business environment. He addressed the delegation's queries regarding the factors influencing the business and investment climate in Pakistan, offering transparency and clarity on the nation's commitment to fostering economic growth and ensuring a robust foundation for sustainable economic development.