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Event Title: Senator Sana Jamali, Briefing the Group of Students from Various Universities of Pakistan Under Model Council of Common Interests (CCI) Project of The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) about Working of Senate at Parliament House, Islamabad

Event Date: 2023-11-29

A 30 member group from Model Council of Common Interests (CCI), a flagship project of the Hanns Siedel Foundation (HSF) Pakistan, comprising students from 27 universities, participated in a comprehensive visit to the Parliament House on Wednesday.

The students had the opportunity to interact with Senator Sana Jamali, the Convener of the Education Parliamentarians Caucus, and Mir Shae Mazar Baloch, Director General Coordination Senate. Senator Sana Jamali shared insights into the purpose of the Education Parliamentarians Caucus and its various initiatives, emphasizing the crucial role of education in parliamentary affairs.

Senator Sana Jamali also provided an insightful overview of the Senate of Pakistan, delving into its historical significance, composition, and pivotal role in the nation's legislative process. The students were treated to a documentary chronicling the rich history of the Senate, offering a deeper understanding of its evolution over time.

The itinerary also included an engaging tour of the Senate hall and the Senate museum, allowing the students to witness firsthand the architectural and historical facets of this vital institution.

The Model Council of Common Interests (CCI) is a key initiative by Hanns Siedel Foundation Pakistan, aimed at providing students with a simulated experience of parliamentary proceedings, enhancing their understanding of governance and policy formulation.