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Event Title: Chairman Senate and President IPC Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani Leads Productive Meeting on IPC's Future

Event Date: 2023-09-01

The International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) convened a pivotal meeting presided over by Chairman Senate and President IPC, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani. The meeting, which was held to chart the course of IPC's future, saw discussions on several crucial matters that are set to shape the organization's trajectory.

Key among the topics deliberated were:

Enhancing IPC's Efficiency: The meeting included an update on discussions between IPC Secretary General Sitara Ayaz and IPU President Mr. Duarte Pacheco regarding measures to streamline IPC's operations and efficiency.

Election of the President IPC: The future election process for the President of IPC was a central point of discussion, along with the definition of roles and responsibilities for the executive positions.

Construction of the building of IPC Permanent Headquarter: Plans and funding for the construction of a permanent IPC Headquarter were discussed, marking a significant step towards the organization's continued growth.

Proposed Organogram and Structure: The meeting covered the proposed organizational structure of IPC, including the establishment of regional offices in other countries and the drafting of IPC's Constitution and Rules of Procedure.

Budget Forecast: IPC's budget forecast was outlined, indicating the financial framework required for the organization's future endeavors.

The committee also examined the process for electing future IPC Presidents, their tenure, and job descriptions. Furthermore, the role and selection of the Patron in Chief of IPC were addressed.

Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani emphasized the importance of engaging with international bodies such as the United Nations, IPU, African Parliament, and other global organizations to learn from best practices and enhance IPC's effectiveness.

Secretary General IPC also proposed the development of a mechanism for international students to join IPC as interns, enhancing the organization's global engagement.

In his closing remarks, Sanjrani praised IPC's commendable work accomplished with limited staff and resources in a short period. He extended his best wishes to IPC and its dedicated team as they continue to work towards a brighter future.