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Event Title: Senator Hidayat Ullah, presiding over a Meeting of The Senate Standing Committee on States and Frontier Regions at Parliament Lodges Islamabad

Event Date: 2023-10-12

Senator Hidayat Ullah on Thursday expressed resentment at the Home Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on receding from their own statement of considering levies personals as police employees. He said that by doing so they have dishonoured the sanctity of the Upper House and backed off from their own commitment which they earlier made and was included as a part of senate committee recommendations. Senator Hidayat Ullah also recommended to initiate an inquiry on the CPO KPK that on what basis he has drawn back from his statement. The Senate Standing Committee on States and Frontier Regions was held here at the Old PIPS Hall Parliament Lodges under the chairmanship of Senator Hidayat Ullah. The committee argued on the unjustified act of the Home Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on not absorbing the 23 police officers in police department after the FATA merger. The committee debated that the issue was vetted upon in detail in March 2022 and assurance was given by the CPO for absorption of levies and khasadar officials whose retirement according to levies act has been due but still performing their duties, may be merged in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police immediately and allow them to compete their service according to the Police Act. The Officials of the Home Department KPK conceded that the case of the Levies and Khasadars are pending subjudice before the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Service Tribunal therefore cannot be commented upon. The committee chair remarked that the effected employees took the case to the Service Tribunal because this committee’s recommendations were not implemented and now the Home Department says that it will create legal implications. The chair said that Secretary Home Department KPK Akbar Ali was also present in the meeting in which CPO KPK gave written and verbal statement that the department will consider these 23 police officials as part of police and they will retire as police officer the Special secretary home Akbar Ali at that time did not oppose the statement of CPO KPK implying that all were agreed upon and that’s why committe has given recommendations. The committee chair further inquired as to what statement has now been submitted by the Home Department to the Service Tribunal on the absorption of the same. He said that irrespective of the fact whether or not the committee can discuss the matter at hand if subjudice in the court should must submit the same statement as given to the committee for the courts to take just decision. The committee showed annoyance at this non professional and unfair behaviour with the effected employees. The committee was apprised by the officials that the absorption of the 08 levies and khasadars out of 23 under consideration have some legal constraints as per absorption prescribed in the Police Act. It was told that the khasadars and levies under consideration has issues of mis classification, it was informed that these 08 levies and khasadars of District Bajaur have been retired from Service in the light of Levies and Khasadars Rules prevailing at that time after completion of due tenure of service and now the cases are pending before the service tribunal Khyber Pakhtunkhwa therefore decision is pending. The committee chair expressed dissatisfaction on the explanation given by the Home Department he said that the DIG holds a responsible and senior position in the Police Department and must have given statement under the rules. The chair senator Hidayat Ullah directed to call the establishment and inquire on the officer who has given dual statements, his qualification and the basis he earlier made a commitment.

Similarly the matter of updated position of leftover cases of khasadar and Levies Force officials who were scrutinized for validation and sent to IGP office and home department for absorption in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police was also questioned delay. The committee was briefed that out of total of 25977 levies and Khasadars force 3854 are remaining. It was apprised that the Regional Police Officer Mardan furnished a report on re verification of names record and other particulars duly signed by the committee members comprising DC Mohamand, DPO Mohmand and DAO Mohmand to AIG NMDs on 6-10-2023 for further due process, which is still pending. The committee

maintained that delayed administration procedures should not be at the cost of injustice with the deserving officers. Senator Dost Muhammad khan while expressing reservations questioned the delay in the matter and demanded a time line. The committee chair gave one months time to complete the process and submit report.

The meeting was attended by Senators Dost Muhammad Khan, Gurdeep Singh, Sania Nishter, Bahramand Khan Tangi, Shamim Afridi and Senator Haji Hidayat Ullah Khan. Senior officials from related departments were also in attendance.