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Event Title: Chairman Senate of Pakistan Extends Warm Congratulations to Speaker Greg Fergus on Historic Election

Event Date: 2023-10-05

Chairman Senate of Pakistan, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, extends heartfelt congratulations to Speaker Greg Fergus for his historic election as the Speaker of Canada's House of Commons. "Speaker Fergus, as the first Black Canadian to hold this esteemed position, has not only achieved a significant personal milestone but has also etched a remarkable moment in the history of Canada". said Chairman Senate.

He further said that the election of Speaker Fergus serves as a poignant reminder of the inclusive and diverse nature of Canada, showcasing the strength that emanates from embracing a multitude of voices and perspectives. Chairman Senate applauded Canada for fostering an environment where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and ascend to leadership roles, embodying a model for nations around the globe.

The Senate of Pakistan commends Speaker Fergus for his unwavering dedication to public service and steadfast commitment to parliamentary principles. Chairman Senate called this milestone as an opportunity to forge new avenues for parliamentary cooperation between Pakistan and Canada.

In recognition of Speaker Fergus's outstanding achievement and with the objective of further enhancing bilateral relations, Chairman Senate also extended an invitation to Speaker Fergus to visit the Senate of Pakistan. Chairman Senate emphasized that such exchanges contribute significantly to the mutual understanding and collaboration, essential for the progress and prosperity of both nations.

Chairman Senate, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani wished Speaker Greg Fergus continued success in his pivotal role as the Speaker of the House of Commons.