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Event Title: Chairman Senate, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani and Senators Inquiring Health of the Injured Persons in Mastung Blast at Civil Hospital Quetta, Balochistan.

Event Date: 2023-09-30

Chairman Senate,Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, accompanied by Senators, visited the Civil Hospital Quetta to extend support to those injured in the recent Mustung blast. Senators Naseebullah Bazai, Prince  Omar Ahmadzai, and Rukhsana Zuberi joined Chairman Senate during this visit.

Chairman Senate, while at the hospital, advocated for a comprehensive relief package for the victims of the Mustung blast, urging the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister Balochistan to allocate 20 lakhs for the martyrs and 10 lakhs for the injured. He expressed optimism that the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Balochistan would promptly announce this aid package.

Expressing satisfaction with the facilities provided to the injured, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani emphasized that terrorists are devoid of any association with Islam and humanity. The targeting of the Eid Milad-ul-Nabi procession, he stated, serves as clear evidence of terrorists' anti-Islamic stance. Chairman Senate affirmed that Pakistan's law enforcement forces and security agencies are diligently eradicating terrorism, ensuring complete relief for victims in the near future. He reassured that People of Pakistan support their Security Forces to overcome this scourge of terrorism and affirmed the commitment to preventing any disruption to the peace.