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Event Title: Senator Muhammad Hamayun Mohmand, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Presiding over a Meeting of the Committee at Parliament House Islamabad

Event Date: 2023-09-28

Dr. Muhammad Humayun Mohmand directed further investigation in the case of death of three elderly patients at PIMS Hospital, alleged to die because of malfunctioning of HVAC system as reported in daily dawn on 25-June-2023. The Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination which met today under the chairmanship is Senator Dr Muhammad Humayun Mohmand directed the PIMS to submit complete report and detailed documentation in the case of death of patients. Doctor Humayun said that simply stating that the patient was with hyperthermia does not imply that the patient would die. He said that hyperthermia is a long standing illness and under goes several stages until death occurs at a point where human organs are effected. “I will not buy this explanation” he said and deffered the matter for further investigation and report. The committee deliberated at length on the Lacunas in the delay in project titled “ replacement and up-gradation of HVAC Plant Room equipment and Allied Works at PIMPS, Islamabad”. It was noted that the Project amounting to Rs 725.00 million without FEC including consultancy fee to the tune of 14.20 million, got delayed by more then 6 months. The committee said such standards of Public hospitals are now leading to devasting results such as causing death of patients in the Emergency of PIMS. The matter was deferred uptill next meeting the committee summoned the Director General PWD, the contractor to give explanation that on which basis the project which was to be completed under a phase wise plan on June 2023 delayed up till now.

Similarly the recent issue of Saline drips was brought into discussion while taking up the Matter of contract made with Pharmaceutical companies for purchase of Medicine, Surgical Items and Lab Kits. The Secretary Health recommended that the matter of Saline drips causing adverse side effects should be investigated and prosecuted in drug courts. The secretary apprised the committee that there is a quality control board within DRAP to check on the medicines however medicines in terms of purity, stamping and quality is the mandate of DRAB. The committee summoned the DRAB to brief on the monitoring of the standard of quality of drugs. The committee also directed the drug inspector DHO for various drug check regimes. It was also suggested that hospitals should now be permanently equipped with pharmacist and technician to addresss issues of mistreatment of medicines and injections.

While discussing the matter of illegal and unlawful Degree Courses of Bachelor in Doctor of Dermal Science by University of Faisalabad and illegal practice by unqualified doctors in Rachna Hospital Satiana Road Faisalabad, the  Chairman committee recommended the HEC to recall all the degrees and allied health professionals councils and amend it according to the course program. It was also recommended to categorically mention the title of the degree and do not confuse beauticians and allied heath services courses with doctors or specialist he added. Also the committee maintained to keep a close check on the degrees and courses approved by the Cabinet and do not let misuse of degree titles  as clinical practitioners. It was also recommended to the HEC to have proactive approach in giving registrations to university and a close check and balance on website of each to monitor if any university is claiming registration with the HEC without approval.

The committee also received a detailed briefing on Pakistan Polio Eradication Programme. Senator Engr Mehr Taj Roghani while lamenting 2 cases of Polio in Pakistan currently expressed dissatisfaction on the brief submitted, and inquired on the funding status of the programme. It was briefed that funds for Polio eradication efforts for Pakistan is externally funded outside the PSDP in the shape of loan and grants from the Global Polio Eradication Initiatives and Donors and partners. It was briefed that the third revised PC-1 was approved by ECNEC on 4th September 2023 at a total of cost of USD 1,784 million for a period of 14.5 years covering the duration fri July 2012 to December 2026. It was briefed that the expenditure on Polio eradication efforts from Jan 2015 to December 2022 is USD 999.42 million of which USD 487 million was secured from Islamic Development Bank as a loan, while the remaining USD 512.87 million was secured as grant from different partners and donors.

The meeting was attended by Prof Dr Mehr Taj Roghani, Fawzia Arshad, Sana Jamali, Dilawar Khan, Rubina Khalid, Muhammad Asad Ali Khan Junejo, Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tareen and Senator Kamran Murtaza. Senior officials from related departments were also in attendance.