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Event Title: Senator Hidayatullah Khan, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Housing and Works presiding over a Meeting of the Committee at Parliament House Islamabad

Event Date: 2023-09-26

The Senate Standing Committee on Housing and Works, under the chairmanship of Senator Hidayatullah Khan, convened at the Parliament House on Tuesday. Present at the meeting were senators, including Bahramand Khan Tangi, Saif Ullah Sarwar Khan Nyazee, Fida Muhammad, Khalida Ateeb, Falak Naz, Afnan Ullah Khan, and Saifullah Abro. Also in attendance were key officials including Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Works, Shehzad Bangash, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Works, the Director General of FGEHA (Federal Government Employees Housing Authority), and other pertinent stakeholders.

Commencing the session, the committee raised the issue regarding the Qasr-e-Naz guest house in Karachi, urging the restoration of electricity to the guest house. The members echoed these concerns, shedding light on the guest house's deteriorating condition due to inadequate maintenance. The Secretary Ministry of Housing and Works informed that the electricity had been disconnected due to an outstanding amount of Rs. 80 lakh, further noting that K-electric demands full payment of the outstanding sum.

During the course of the meeting, the committee extensively deliberated on the plight of affectees in Sector G-14/1-2-3. The DG FGEHA, in his comprehensive briefing, reported substantial progress with 90% clearance of encroachments in G-14/2 and 99% in G-14/3. In G-14/1, approximately 50% of the area has been successfully cleared. The DG highlighted ongoing operations against encroachers in G-14/1 and informed about the initiation of tendering processes, paving the way for imminent development work. Additionally, 2000 plots have already been handed over. Following the deliberations, the committee urged the submission of a detailed progress report, particularly focusing on Sector G-14/1.

The Secretary Ministry of Housing and Works and his team presented updates on the status of Project Life Style Residency in Sector G-13, Islamabad (EHFPRO Project). The Committee expressed significant apprehensions regarding the project's delayed completion, the transfer of 50% ownership to a private entity, and the involvement of a granite company - aspects the ministry claimed to be unaware of, specifically regarding the granite's origin.

The Additional Secretary Ministry of Housing and Works elucidated the project's background, dating back to its conceptualization in 2010, remaining dormant until 2016. He also highlighted observations by the CDA concerning water levels for the project. Senators requested a copy of the agreement and comprehensive cost details, which were not provided in the initial briefing. The Secretary Ministry of Housing and Works apprised the committee that the Joint Venture (JV) was withholding project records and had communicated with the AGP (Auditor General of Pakistan) for an audit of the project and the company involved, underlining the necessity to hold the company accountable.

The Committee subsequently resolved to pen a letter to the AGP, urging a thorough audit of the company associated with Project Life Style Residency, G-13, Islamabad.

Concluding the thorough discussion, the committee emphasized the imperative of obtaining the project's complete record, encompassing the agreement copy, company profile, and all pertinent project credentials.

Addressing the water issue in Sector G-13, DG FGEHA reassured the committee that significant progress has been made with the CDA to ameliorate the water crisis in the sector. Plans are underway to provide 2 million gallons of water daily to Sector G-13 in the upcoming year.