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Event Title: Senator Mian Raza Rabbani Presides over Meeting of Senate Committee on Delegated Legislation at Parliament House

Event Date: 2023-09-19

The meeting of the Senate Committee on Delegated Legislation was held here at the Parliament House under the Chairmanship of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani.

The Senate Committee unanimously approved the minutes of the committee meeting held on June 15, 2023 and the committee also approved the reports for September to December 2022, January to March 2023 and April to June 2023.  

 The Committee meeting discussed the issue sent by the Chairman Senate regarding the establishment of Engineering Development Board through SRO in detail.  The Chief Executive Officer Engineering Development Board briefed the committee about the establishment of the institution, working procedures and said that the institution was established in 1995 under a resolution approved by the Federal Cabinet.  Chairman Committee Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said that despite the passage of so many years, this institution has not yet been enacted. It is working under the Chief Executive Order of 2002.  What is its legal status and where are the  rules and regulations. In reply to that,the committee was told that the Board of this institution has approved its rules but the approval has not been taken from the government. The Committee Chairman said that the rules and regulations made by the board should be provided to the committee.  He further asked whether the legal draft sent by the institution has been consulted with the relevant stakeholders.  On which the committee was informed that there are 10 members of the board belonging to different fields and only they have been consulted.  The Chairman Committee said that various amendments are also required in the sent legal draft.  Acts are going to be made, it should be comprehensive and effective.  This committee will also send some recommendations in this regard.

Moreover, the committee deliberated on the issue sent by the Chairman Senate regarding the establishment of Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation, its functions and the affairs of its subsidiaries was examined.  It  was told that this institution was established under an Act to promote industries. It was briefed that the organization is functioning under the Companies Act and is now operating as a State owned  enterprise. Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said that the details of the Acts, Laws, Rules, Regulations of this institution should be provided to the Committee and the Committee will review them.  The committee was informed that 8 subsidiary companies were created during 2005-07.  These companies used to get funding from the government in the form of PSDP.  Due to non-availability of PSDP funds, some companies are facing survival problems.  Two companies have merged with PIDC and one company has also been liquidated.  The Committee was informed that there are five PIDC projects in the Special Economic Zone.

 Furthermore, the Chairman  Committee expressed strong displeasure over the non-participation of the chairman NADRA and the interior secretary in the committee meeting for a detailed briefing regarding the recent amendments made in the National Database Registration Authority.  The chairman committee directed that the institutions should send officers as per the rules for briefing the committees of the parliament and briefing will not be obtained from Joint Secretary and NADRA' s directors. He further added that Secretary Interior and Chairman NADRA must ensure their participation in the upcoming meeting and all the officers who come for the briefing of the committee should come in proper dress according to the rules.

 While reviewing  the subsidiary legislation made in the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing and Higher Education, the attached departments of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training , Chairman Committee Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said that the Chairman Higher Education has requested for postponed this agenda until the next meeting and the committee closes the matter by expressing confidence in the response provided regarding Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing.

Moreover, the committee discussed the subsidiary legislation matters related to the organization of National Archives Pakistan and Abandoned Properties Organization under the Cabinet Secretariat in detail.  It was told that the institution was established in 1993. The Chairman committee stated that some recommendations have been made on the answer provided regarding this institution, they will be informed to the institution. The committee was told that three types of rules have been made.  There are separate rules regarding appointment of officers and subordinate staff.  There are separate rules for management of records and separate rules for public records search.  In reply to that, the Chairman  Committee said that these rules have not been provided to the committee and the rules of the archives have not been made, the committee directed that the rules be prepared as soon as possible.    

 The meeting was attended  by Senator Keshoo Bai, Senator Prof. Dr. Mehr Taj Roghani and Senator Shaheen Khalid Butt, in addition to Joint Secretary Ministry of Interior, CEO PIDE, Executive Director HEC, Joint Secretary Cabinet Division, Joint Secretary Ministry of Industry and Production, CE O Pakistan Engineering Board, Director NADRA and other senior officials