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Event Title: Caretaker Federal Minister for National Health, Dr. Nadeem Jan, held a meeting with Chairman Senate, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, at the Parliament House . The discussion revolved around the pressing matters within the health sector.

Event Date: 2023-08-24

During the meeting, the caretaker health minister provided a comprehensive overview of the health facilities currently available to the public. He highlighted the effective strategies that have been adopted to combat polio in Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of protection for polio workers during the administration of polio vaccine.

In his remarks, Chairman Senate, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, stressed the significance of ensuring basic health facilities across all regions of the country. He expressed the view that the state has a responsibility to provide adequate healthcare services to its citizens. The chairman also called for concerted efforts to address health disparities, particularly in the underdeveloped areas like Balochistan.

The eradication of polio remained a central theme of the discussion, with both parties reaffirming their commitment to working collaboratively to eliminate this debilitating disease. Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani underscored the urgency of this mission and urged for effective measures to tackle polio.

The meeting also highlighted the need for a proactive approach to prevent the spread of diseases such as dengue. Chairman Senate emphasized the importance of devising an effective strategy to control and treat dengue, especially in areas affected by recent rains and flooding.

Both the caretaker health minister and Chairman Senate concurred on the critical importance of ensuring the availability of essential medicines in hospitals. They expressed hope that the caretaker government would prioritize providing basic health facilities to the people.

The commitment to making Pakistan a polio-free nation was echoed throughout the meeting. Chairman Senate praised the Upper House's role in enacting legislation to curb the spread of polio and assured continuous support for such initiatives.Both pledged to allocate all necessary resources to safeguard children from lifelong disabilities caused by preventable diseases.