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Event Title: Deputy Chairman Senate, Mirza Muhammad Afridi Addressing the first ever National Expo on Disaster Risk Reduction-PEDRR 2023

Event Date: 2023-08-16

A gathering of experts, officials, and stakeholders converged at the heart of Pakistan's capital city for the "Disaster Risk Reduction" Expo, orchestrated by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi, who was the Chief guest, inaugurated the expo by cutting the ribbon.

In an inspiring keynote address at the opening ceremony of the expo, Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi lauded the collective efforts to engage universities in disaster risk reduction measures. He underscored the pressing need for concrete and advanced technological measures to combat the ever-growing challenges posed by climate change and natural disasters.

"Our response to the calamities that have shaken the world in recent years demands innovative solutions," Deputy Chairman Senate Afridi emphasized. "The youth possess invaluable ideas that can guide our path towards disaster resilience, and it is imperative that we adapt and integrate their insights."

Acknowledging the essential role played by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Pakistan, Deputy Chairman Senate Afridi expressed his gratitude for their unyielding commitment to aiding calamity victims. "The tireless efforts of these NGOs provide a beacon of hope and support to those affected by various catastrophes," he stated.

Deputy Chairman Senate recognized the indomitable spirit of the NDMA team, praising their unwavering dedication even in the face of adversity. He reiterated the importance of collective support, asserting, "Every sector of society must rally behind the NDMA to fortify our nation against the impact of disasters."

Offering the expertise and guidance of the parliamentary body, Deputy Chairman Senate Afridi affirmed, "The Senate is ready to provide the necessary guidance and collaboration that the NDMA requires." He applauded the accomplishments of Chairman NDMA and his team, highlighting their commitment to safeguarding lives and communities.

The Deputy Chairman Senate drew attention to the cascading effects of disasters on infrastructure, citing the breakdown of roads, bridges, and communication channels. He paid tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while aiding others during natural calamities.

"Climate change has cast its shadow on Pakistan, and it is our collective responsibility to transform our attitudes and behaviours to avert the impending disasters," Deputy Chairman Senate Afridi asserted. He underscored the necessity to prepare for and mitigate the challenges posed by climate-induced disasters.

The "Disaster Risk Reduction" Expo, orchestrated by NDMA and graced by the presence of Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi, stands as a resolute testament to Pakistan's commitment to forge a path of resilience, adaptability, and unity in the face of mounting challenges.