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Event Title: Senator Saleem Mandviwalla calls for expanding ties with Switzerland

Event Date: 2023-05-22

Swiss Ambassador, H.E Mr. George Steiner held a productive meeting with Senator Saleem Mandviwalla here in Islamabad on Monday to explore avenues for enhancing the already robust ties between Pakistan and Switzerland. The discussion encompassed a range of vital topics, including reopening the Swiss consulate in Karachi to the general public and fostering greater cooperation on global and regional developments of mutual interest.

The meeting aimed to strengthen bilateral ties between Switzerland and Pakistan and explore areas of mutual interest for collaboration in the financial sector. While touching upon various subjects, both sides emphasized the significance of enhancing economic cooperation, trade, and investment between the two nations.

Senator Mandviwalla expressed his keen desire to forge stronger bonds between Pakistan and Switzerland, emphasizing the significance of parliamentary relations and the need to invigorate friendship groups between the two nations. He lauded the visit of Council of State President Jean Fournier to Pakistan in November 2019, recognizing it as a highly valued gesture that showcased the warmth and goodwill between the countries.

With a vision of bolstering diplomatic and economic ties, Senator Mandviwalla expressed his intention to lead a delegation comprising members of the Pakistan-Switzerland Friendship Group in Parliament, as well as the esteemed Business Council, on a visit to Switzerland. This visit aims to build bridges of understanding and explore avenues for collaboration between the business communities of both countries.

Highlighting the tremendous potential for trade and investment, Senator Mandviwalla underscored the excellent investment opportunities in Pakistan that Swiss companies should capitalize on. The senator specifically encouraged Swiss companies to consider establishing joint ventures in Pakistan's burgeoning tourism sector, which would not only promote economic growth but also showcase the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the country.

Ambassador George Steiner affirmed the significance of strong parliamentary relations in advancing bilateral cooperation and expressed his belief in the pivotal role of people-to-people contacts. The ambassador commended Pakistan's breathtaking landscapes in the northern regions and praised the warm hospitality extended by the Pakistani people.

Looking ahead, both Senator Mandviwalla and Ambassador Steiner expressed optimism regarding the upcoming visit of the Swiss Foreign Minister to Pakistan in the second week of July. This visit is anticipated to deepen diplomatic ties and facilitate meaningful engagements with important personalities from Pakistan's business community and the Swiss community residing in Pakistan.

The Ambassador of Switzerland while agreeing with the views of Senator Saleem Mandviwalla underlined that Parliamentary visits are an excellent means of improving and enhancing relations between the two countries

Ambassador thanked Senator Saleem for his hospitality and said that he looked forward to developing stronger links between the two countries through various parliamentary/business avenues.

At the end of the meeting, Senator Saleem Mandviwalla also presented souvenir to the visiting dignitary.