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Event Title: Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmed Presides over a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat at Parliament House

Event Date: 2023-06-21

Meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat was held at Parliament House on Wednesday with Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmad in Chair.

The Chairman Committee delayed the deliberation on "The Tosha Khana (Management and Regulation) Bill, stating that the Government is intending to present the Bill for the regulation of Tosha Khana. Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Javed Abbasi apprised that Government Bill would be tabled in the next Senate Session.

In relating to query asked by Senator Danesh Kumar about the number of posts advertised by FPSC during the last two years along with the names of departments.Senator Danesh Kumar expressed unstatisfaction on the details submitted by establishment division and demanded that grade wise details of all gadres should be provided. Waseem Mukhtar, Special Secretary Establishment Division, apprised that thirteen Ministries have submitted the details but an appropriate time is needed for submission of all relevant details.

In addition to that, Senator Danesh Kumar and Gurdeep Singh also moved a resolution in the House that Government should equally distribute the reserved five percent job quota for minorities among all provinces. Inamullah Khan Dharejo, Secretary Establishment Division, stated that Population census would be declared as a benchmark in devising the new policy for the minorities.

The Senate Committee was briefed on the service reforms made in PAS,PSP,OMG and Secretariat group. Senator Rana Maqbool applauded the efforts of establishment division and stated that Politicians has a pivotal role to play in this regard because the stability of system would be attained by efforts of all concerned stakeholders.

Chairman Committee Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmad highlighted the issue of consistently declining passing ratio of CSS, which is currently stands at below 2 pc. He stated that one can witness the growing mushroom of tuition academies and academic institutions across the country but irony is, none of these are well equipped to uplift the education standard of the country. The Committee decided to hold a special thought provoking session in this regard. The Senate Committee also directed the Establishment Division to present report of the Committee which was constituted to devise a mechanism for facilitation of candidates of all provinces.

While deliberating on recent bidding of Solarization Project, Chairman NEPRA informed that NEPRA has fixed 3.41 cents per unit but unfortunately, not a single bidder came forward. He termed the Rupee deprication and closure of LC's as major reasons for lack of interests of private enterprises. Senator Saadia Abbasi questioned as to whether the 3.41 cents per unit is viable or not. Tauseef H. Farooqi maintained that the rate is viable for the country and it has been fixed after due diligence of NEPRA. Chairman Committee Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmad directed the NEPRA to divise a comprehensive policy, so that the consumers and private enterprises could be attracted towards solarisation project. He also maintained that government should allowed farmers to utilize dual facility (Electricity&solar) under the newly scheme of 50k solar tube wells because the reliance on only solar tube wells would result in devastation of Agriculture sector.

The meeting was attended by Senator Saifullah Sarwar Khan Nyazee, Senator Kamil Ali Agha, Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Senator Engr. Rukhsana Zuberi, Senator Saadia Abbasi, Senator Naseebullah Bazai, Senator Muhammad Akram, Senator Danesh Kumar, Senator Gurdeep Singh, Senator Bahramand Khan Tangi,Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Javed Abbasi, Secretary Establishment Division Inamullah Khan Dharejo, Special Secretary Establishment Division Waseem Mukhtar, Chairman NEPRA Tauseef H. Farooqi and other concerned officers of relevant departments were also in attendance.