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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change Commentrates World Environment Day at Shahdara Marghalla Hills National Park while participating in Cleanliness Drive

Event Date: 2023-06-04

On Sunday, the Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change, chaired by Senator Seemee Ezdi, participated in a cleanliness drive at the Shahdara Margalla Hills National Park to commemorate World Environment Day on June 5th. During the event, the committee received a briefing from Ms. Rina Khan, Chairperson of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB), on the organization's efforts to protect and preserve the Margalla Hills in the capital city.

Senator Seemee Ezdi addressed the IWMB's wildlife Volunteer Force and the We Fixers Group, lauding their efforts and pledging to empower the volunteer groups to take action. The committee recognized the importance of volunteerism and emphasized that the preservation of natural resources in the country is impossible without the role of the local community and awareness campaigns.

The committee noted that cleaning efforts are difficult to maintain and achieve without incentivizing and penalizing, and recommended the strict implementation of policies.
Senator Seemee Ezdi while addressing the participants lamented on the contamination of Rawal Dam due to usage of contagious chemicals for fishing and trapping turtles resulting in many fishes not only to perish but the water being contaminated, effecting the ecosystem. It was pointed that the the same is also a source of water supply to Rawalpindi and is causing huge repercussion in terms of water purification, and posing health hazards to the people of the twin cities. Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed said that fishing of this kind is an illegal activity and the Commitee must take immediate notice. The committee recommended that the matter must be addressed on priority basis.

Senator Seemee Ezdi while addressing the participants of the cleanliness drive said that the total mass of plastic waste generated so far in Pakistan is equal to the size of  2 k2 mountain heights. It was observed that Pakistan has one of the highest percentages of mismanaged plastic waste.

It was recommended that  waste should be classified in different types considering

Pakistan has the second-largest domestic market for plastics in Southeast Asia after India; the plastic waste should be made profitable.

Chairperson IWMB Rina Saeed Khan while briefing the committee said that the cleanliness drive has been formalised two years ago, this activity was formalised and provided the volunteer force with regular aid and gadgets.

Ms khan said on the passing of the IWMB Act the staff will be more empowered  to impose penalties. She sought support of the committee in this regard. She said that with such support the IWMB will be able to become a Model National park for the rest of the country.

The committee members and the students of the Ehsas School foundation participated together in the cleanliness drive

The committee also distributed appreciation certificates amongst the IWMB volunteers and the we fixers groups

The members participated included Senator Kesho Bai, Senator Mushahid Hussain and Senator Taj Haider. Chairpersons IWMB Rina Saeed Khan, the Ehsas Foundation School and other volunteer groups were also presented on the occasion.