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Event Title: Meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change held at Parliament House with Senator Seemee Ezdi in Chair.

Event Date: 2023-04-11

The Senate deliberated on point of public importance raised by Senator Asad Ali Junejo regarding Tailpipe emission in cars and its effects on climate change. Senator Asad Ali Junejo stated that recent studies showed that transport and industries contribute highly in deteriorating climate effects. He added that regulations should be made to make it mandatory for vehicles to get their emission test after every three years so that transport industry effects could be reduced on climate. Senator Seemee Ezdi stated that a bill has already been passed on same subject matter and is lying in National Assembly for consideration. Mussadiq A. Khan Additional Secretary Incharge for MoCCC said that Vehicles Inspection cell which exclusively deals with vehicles should be made part of this project. However, Senator Asad Ali Junejo opined that besides vehicles inspection cell, Excise and Taxation should also be invited to shed light on it. The committee deferred the deliberations and directed the ministry to hold  meeting with Excise and Vehicles Inspection cell and report committee afterwards.

The Committee also taken up a matter referred by Chairman Senate relating to calcium carbonate factory operating in Rawalpindi District. The petitioner apprised the committee that chemical factory named Silver Lac Chemical & Allied Industries is operating in Rawalpindi residential area without obtaining NOC. He maintained that despite requesting the local administration and Environmental department punjab, no action has been  taken against the factory. Senator Seemee Ezdi stated that matter fall under the domain of Province and committee is not authorised to take up the matter.

However, as to news regarding the government proposal of placing Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) under the ministry of interior. Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman categorically repudiated the news and claimed that IWMB exclusively deals with environment issues and will remain under the ministry as well.

Moreover, the senate committee was briefied on carbon credits of billion trees tsunami including mangrove forest in sindh. Officials told that production of mangrove trees increase 300 p.c. since 1990 and one hectre of mangrove create eight credits annually. Senator Seemee Ezdi questioned about the feasibility of other forests located in different provinces of the country. Officials informed that provinces are conducting feasibility of other forests and it will be concluded soon.

Furthermore, the committee also discussed the steps taken by ministry to promote circular economy for plastics. Officials apprised that, In 2022, around three millions tons of plastic waste was generated in Pakistan and if no urgent action has been taken the number is expected to reach 12 millions by 2040. However, ministry informed that Government of Pakistan has joined Global Plastic Action Partnership to reduce plastics wastes and to work on different projects, which helps in recycling plastics waste. Chairman Committee opined that instead of banning plastic necessary efforts should be made in finding its subsitute. Officials also told that ministry is working with international partners to find  environmental friendly solutions for recycling of plastics wastes.

The meeting was attended by Senator Taj Haider,Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Senator Dr. Mohammad Humayun Mohmand, Senator Keshoo Bai, Senator Imamuddin Shouqeen, Senator Asad Ali Junejo, Federal Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman  along with representatives from ministry.