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Event Title: On the instructions of Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, a note was issued to the FBR Chairman in order to amend the FBR's notification dated December 22, 2022

Event Date: 2022-12-29

According to the notification, Customs Collectorate (Enforcement) Khuzdar Balochistan has been placed under the command of Chief Collectorate Customs Enforcement (South) Karachi. The letter states that Chief Collectorate of Customs Balochistan already exists under which three Collectorates of customs are functioning. Since Khuzdar is in Balochistan, It is only in the fitness of things that Customs Collectorate (Enforcement) Khuzdar be placed under Chief Collector Customs Balochistan.

It is further stated that Chairman FBR should look into this matter on priority basis. The issue should be taken into consideration as soon as possible for necessary amendments in the notification. The note from the office of Chairman Senate has been forwarded to Chairman FBR.