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Event Title: Senator Kamil Ali Agha, Chairman Senate Functional Committee on Government Assurances presiding over a Meeting of the Committee at Parliament Lodges Islamabad

Event Date: 2022-12-28

The meeting commenced with deliberation on the employment quota provided in Article 27 of Constitution of 1973. Dr. Ismat Tahira ,Special Secretary Establishment Division, apprised the committee that Employment Quota for Service of Pakistan was provided for 40 years and which was expired in 2013. She added that Establishment Divison is of opinion that the quota should further be extended for next 20 years and it can be done only through the amendment in Constitution of 1973. The Chair recommended that the employment quota shall be revived for the next 30 years by amending the constitution at earliest and space shall be left for further enactment relating to Sub quota of minorities. The committee also appreciated the Establishment Division for announcing Special CSS examination to fill up the vacant  posts of minorities which were remained vacant over the years under the quota system.

Moreover, the assurances given by the then Minister Incharge of Capital Administration and Development Division for the Expansion of PIMS, Poly Clinic and NIRMs Hospital were also discussed in detail. Nasir ud din Mashood Ahmad, Special Secretary for NHSRC, briefed the committee that five acre land in G-11 Sector has alloted and ground breaking work has been intiated for the expansion of Polyclinic Hospital and the project will be completed in three years. He further added that ten different projects relating to expansion of PIMS have been completed which includes mainly Construction of Nursing Hostel, Upgradation of X-Ray machines in Radiology Department, Upgradation of Nephrology Department, Installation of Chillers for Mortuary Department, Upgradation of Existing Facilities and Procurement of Equipment for Ophthalmology department and construction work on two projects named as Emergency Block, Mother and Child Block is still in process and it will be completed in 2024 and 2023 respectively. The Chair recommended to accelerate the ongoing expansion work  and also rescheduled the Liver Transplantation Program at PIMS Hospital.   However, as far as the expansion of NIRM is concerned, Special Secretary NHSRC apprised the committee that six kanal land was alloted for the expansion of NIRM but construction could not be intiated because the task force on Health under the previous government has halted the process. Senator Kamil Ali Agha recommended that  the expansion of NIRM shall be re-intiated on priority basis as per the original plan.

Furthermore, the functional committee also discussed the assurances regarding the procurement of MRI machine in Federal Government Poly Clinic, Islamabad. Nasir ud Din Mashood Ahmad told the committee that MRI machine will be installed in next three to fours months and the major delay in installation of MRI machine was occured due to remodelling of site.

The meeting was attended by Senator Shammim Afridi,Senator Molana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri,Senator Gurdeep Singh, Senator Prof. Sajid Mir,Special Secretary Establishment Division Dr.Ismat Tahira, Special Secretary NHSRC Nasir ud din Mashood Ahmad,Asif Saeed Additional Secretary Parliamentary Affairs and other concerned officers were also in attendance.