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Event Title: Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani Message on National Working Women’s Day

Event Date: 2022-12-22

Since 2010 the National Working Women’s Day is being observed in Pakistan to acknowledge the contributions made by women to the development of the country. The day is marked in recognition of the struggle of working women to secure a dignified and respectful working environment.

The Chairman Senate Muhammad Sanjrani has said that Government of Pakistan has adopted an effective strategy to include women in the mainstream of progress and development. In a message in connection with the National Day regarding Working Women's Rights, he said revolutionary measures have been taken to empower women and protect their rights.

He said dream of empowering women would be materialized by making further improvements in relevant laws. The rights given to women by Islam are unprecedented having no other example in history, he added.

Today, we need to join hands to celebrate the progress made in empowering women, and to reaffirm our collective resolve for redoubling efforts to further advance respect for women’s rights.

The Constitution of Pakistan upholds the equal status of women. We have made significant advancements in empowering women politically, economically and socially, including through progressive legislative, policy, institutional and administrative measures. At the international fora, Pakistan’s voice has always resonated in favour of women's empowerment and gender equality. As a nation, we honour and salute their role and contribution to the society and State of Pakistan.

Women have proven that they can shoulder any kind of responsibility with ease. The role of women today is something that varies significantly across the world. The unwavering perseverance and commitment of women in judicious execution of their duty at workplace is laudable.

The number of women joining the workforce has increased In the last few years which is why the government and Parliament of Pakistan have made extraordinary strides toward workplace equality and legislated a law to protect women against sexual harassment at the workplace.

This special day is a calls upon everyone to stand up for the equality and freedom of women and shun gender discrimination, sexual harassment, abuse, oppression and exploitation against them. We must strive to remove all the barriers that confront women to walk shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts.

In his Message, the Chairman said that the enactment of important legislation like the women protection bill also proved the government's commitment towards the cause of women's issues.

Declaring December 22 as the national day of working women, he hoped that these actions will pave the way for making Pakistan a gender-balanced, gender-friendly and gender-supportive democratic polity, where all women have equal rights and opportunities as enshrined in the Constitution for their development.