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Event Title: Senator Hidayatullah Khan, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Housing and Works presiding over a Meeting of the Committee at Parliament House Islamabad

Event Date: 2022-12-19

The Senate Committee of Housing and Works met on Monday under the chairmanship of Senator Haji Hidayatullah to discuss various pending Projects and agreements of Federal Government Employees Housing Authority  and lamented that there no one project which  is completed.
While inquiring implementation status of the previous meeting, the committee on the matter of meeting with the D.G (FGEHA) along with his team and representatives of SCBA with the local community and come up with an amicable solution, was apprised that since the property has divided ownership, the main issue is of enhancing the mortgage rates however after the award the rates cannot be increased, he said that we are ready to release cheques to the effectees at the rate of 34 lacs. The secretary housing and works informed the committee that we have had meetings with the main guarantor owner of the disputed land. The committee also suggested constituting committee having two senior members from the Ministry of Housing and Works which was acknowledged by senior Joint Secretary Housing and works. The committee recommended expediting the resolution of the matter in consultation with the committee members.

The matter of briefing of the Director General (Estate ) regarding detail of commercial Properties leased out by the estate office in the country during the last five years was deferred for further deliberation. The committee sought date wise report on the name of the owners and year of allotment. The committee was briefed that there ae total 09 number of petrol pump with covered area of 7965.72 sq. yrd and rent fixed as 784167.5 as per lease. It was revealed in the meeting that the commercial land of the Estate Office was leased at Rs 3 per month, the authorities informed that 532 square yard land allotted to mosque in Karachi Sadar area, the estate office officials informed the committee that on behalf of the people of the mosque, the land with a monthly lease of 3 rupees has been rented out for 3 lakh rupees per month and the people of the mosque have rented a petrol pump in front of this ground to run the expenses of the mosque. The matter was deferred for further deliberation.

While taking briefing by the Director General (Estate)   on the detail of the allottees of the Federal Lodge, Islamabad along with their names, designation, CNIC Nos., date of allotment, rent per day, maximum period allowed under the Rules and the period after the maximum period expired; the committee again sought report while also including the date of births of the allottees.

On details of whether certificate for having no residence in the name of the officials and their spouses are furnished by the officers before allotment of E-type or above category government accommodation, matter is sub judice in the court.
While giving detail briefing by the Director General (FGEHA) on the present status of Sectors F-14 & F-15, it was discussed in detail issues of total number of land, number of allottees so far and no. of allottees left. The committee also sought report on tendering and bidding process including details of the advertisement. The DG Housing Authority said that, we have also accepted the land sharing and land value enhancement formula on behalf of local people, and have approved PC-1 of this project, made belt and also made a lot of progress. Senator Saifullah Abro inquired on the present details of how the contract for the development of this project was given to FWO, to which the DG Housing Authority informed that the FWO was mobilized after the court stopped the work. He further informed that the contractor has been mobilized; the development work of this project will be completed in 18 months.

Matter of the ongoing Arbitration on the Kashmir Avenue Apartments, an amicable settlement based on an alternative proposal to reduce the burden of escalation on the allottees must be proposed to the Arbitrator; was also discussed at length. The committee lamented that the contract agreement has not been complied with and grieved the malafide intent of the FGEHA on the misue of the authority on the arbitration after the termination of the contract. The committee sought detail on the correspondence of the agreement and recommended to halt the process of NIT for retendering the process; however the committee also believed that instead of halting the process it should be expedited since many allottees are being effected because of the delay. The matter was deferred for further deliberation.

The meeting was attended by Senator Saifullah Abro, Saif Ullah Sarwar Khan Nyazee, Khalida Ateeb, Bahramand Khan Tangi, Dr. Afnan Ulah Khan, Fida Muhammad, Falak Naz, and Senator Molana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri. Senior officials of the Ministry and other senior concerned officer were also in attendance.