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Event Title: Chairman Committee Mohsin Aziz presides over meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior.

Event Date: 2022-10-17

The Senate Standing Committee on Interior met on Monday under the Chairmanship of Senator Mohsin Aziz here at the Parliament House to discuss various issues pertaining to the adornment, cleanliness and illegal encroachments owing to the beauty and aura of the Federal Capital and steps taken by the Capital Development Authority to address it.

At the outset of the meeting, the committee offered fateha for elevation of high ranks for the former Chief Justice Balochistan.

The Senate Interior Committee severely condemned the arrest of Senator Azam Swati. The committee showed concern over the painful fact that no production order so far has been furnished in favour of the member parliament and the sanctity of the House continues to be violated. The committee unanimously agreed that the Capital City calls for a state of emergency. The committee believed that the member parliament are working and performing under article 9, 16 and 17 of the constitution. The committee reiterated that freedom in Politics is integral to a democratic state. The committee condemned the working of the FIA. The committee proposed to summon the FIA and furnish report on the arrest of the Honorable Senator. The Chairman committee gave immediate directions to summon the DJ FIA on spot to update and report the matter of arrest of Senator Azam Swati, however the DJ FIA failed to put appearance.  “Institutions should work for the state and not for the government” Senator Mohsin Aziz emphasized. “Cases and evidences by the FIA changes with the changing governments said Senator Saifuallah Abro, “in which capacity are the officials working” he further added. “one report against a charge is presented by the FIA and later the same FIA furnishes another report in favor on the same charge” Senator Saifullah Abro stated, “Who will determine whether which report is true or false". Senator Fawzia Arshad said that we work under the protection and security of the Interior Ministry, the FIA and the Police as our guards, “How come the guardians of the people and the state can become their foes and enemies” she lamented. “Every official of the state should work under the law and within the parameters of the authority and jurisdiction of the institute” the  committee maintained. The Chairman Committee summoned the DJ FIA in the next meeting and sought report on the matter as discussed on the arrest of Azam Swati. The committee decided to take further action under the light of the report.  

The Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2022 (insertion of new sections 52b, 513 and consequential amendments in scheduled-ii Cr.p.C).Government bill Passed by the National Assembly and transmitted to the Senate was also passed by the Senate Interior Committee with small amendments submitted by the Ministry.

Several matters pertaining to CDA with regards to Islamabad and its structural concerns were discussed in detail with the Chairman CDA.

About the encroachments of footpaths and green belts in Sector F-7 Markaz, F-10 Markaz, G-11 Markaz on particular and in other sectors in general as well as fencing of green areas in various residential sectors by the influential neighborhoods and deputing of armed security guards over such encroached areas restricting the access of general public was discussed. The Chairman CDA said that in past permission were issues by the CDA to various residents of Islamabad having their houses adjacent to nullahs and open spaces to beautify and landscape the area to bring in their exclusive use. He said that the permission has therefore been canceled and all have been informed through a public notice published in the print media to immediately remove these fences. The Chairman Committee pointed out that 6,201 encroachments were close and some 10,000 are in progress but sadly all these encroachments are those of the under privileged class who open markets at roads side for their living , but none of the encroachments of the influenced class could be closed by the CDA. The Chairman CDA said that these details were not intimated to me however he has taken notice of the matter and will give detail on the matter in 15 days. He also said to formulate a permanent mechanism on the matter of encroachment.

About the poor quality of pavements alongside roads and dumping of construction debris outside the Houses in various residential sectors in Islamabad as observed by the Committee during its visit on 10" February, 2022 it was apprised that instruction received during the visits have been complied and concrete pavement constructed on back side of Kohsar Market Sector f-6/3. It was also informed that owners if found dumping of debris outside the house are charged with fines. It was also informed that mostly agencies like PTCL, SNGLPL IESCO causes disturbance, but all the issues are being attended immediately.

Submission of detailed reports in respect of Housing Societies such as Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Employees' Cooperative Housing Society (PAEC-ECHS); Jammu & Kashmir Housing Society;Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Society; Ghauri Town Housing Society; Ghauri Green House Society; About the directions of the Committee given in its meetings held on 28th April, 2022 and 7th October, 2022 regarding the fate of allottees in Senate Avenue Housing Society, Islamabad having allotment letters duly issued by the society who are waiting possession of allotted plots after making full payments and submission of comprehensive audit report of the corruption and misappropriation cases in the society. The chairman Committee said that this powerful land mafia should come to an end and sought report on all fraudulent transactions and allotees not granted allotment after payments. The Chairman committee directed to constitute a sub-committee so that all societies can be thoroughly reviewed and taken action accordingly.

Regarding the non-development of Sector 1-12 by CDA since its inception more than three decades ago it was informed that work has been awarded with date of start 0-06-2022 and stipulated completion time is 15 months. The contractor has been mobilized at site. Up to date physical progress of project s 7 pc an afghan basti exists in the sector which is obstruction in construction work. It was informed that the issue has been taken up with UNHCH for early eviction of Afghan Refugees for timely completion of project. The Chairman committee also directed to evacuate Afghan baisti with the consultantation of concerned dept to expedite the completion of the Project.

Regarding the abysmal Performance of CDA with respect to repair and maintenance of accommodations the chairman CDA informed the committee that the separate budget should be allocated to the CDA for the above mentioned purpose it is not the function of the CDA to aid it. The Chairman Committee sought reviews as per the perogative of the Chairman CDA on the same from the Finance, the Housing and the Planning Ministry.

The meeting was attended by Senator Saifullah Abro, Faisal Saleem Rehman, Shahadat Awan, Fawzia Arshad, Kamil Ali Agha, Dilawar Khan, Haji Hidayatullah Khan and Senator Hidayat Ullah. Officials from the Ministry, CDA and other concerned departments were also in attendance.