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Event Title: Senator Muhammad Hamayun Mohmand, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination presiding over a Meeting of the Committee at Parliament House Islamabad

Event Date: 2022-11-24

The meeting commenced with deliberation on the Bill titled "Prime University of Nursing Sciences Technology Islamabad Bill,2022" moved by Senator Naseebullah Bazai. The Chair deferred the matter, commenting that the university did not submit the requisite documention with the HEC and the matter will be taken up once the documentation process is completed.

Furthermore, the senate body also discussed the Bill titled "Pakistan Pharmacy (Amendment) bill,2022". Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, mover of the bill, apprised the committee that almost all the reservations of both doctors  and Pharmacists have been redressed with a few remaining which will be sorted out in the next meeting. Senator Dr. Humayun Mohmand suggested that the medicines prescribed by the doctors should have proper record because it serves as a cornerstone in bringing down the evil alliance of pharmaceutical companies and doctors. The Chair deferred the matter till the next meeting.

Moreover, the matter relating to requirement of Common Technical Documents (CTD) for new medicine manufacturing companies was also taken up. Officials of Drug regulatory authority informed the committee that new requirements have been formulated in light of World Health Organization guidelines and it will also prove helpful in enhancing exports of medicines. Senator Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tareen questioned as to whether the new requirements will be applied only on new medicine industry or on the old ones also.In reply to that, Officials informed that the new requirements will be implemented retrospectively. The committee disposed of the matter after the detailed deliberation.

The meeting was attended by Senator Prof. Dr. Mehr Taj Roghani,Senator Muhammad Shafiq Tareen,Senator Naseebullah Bazai,Senator Rubina Khalid,Senator Sana Jamali,Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, Secretary NHSRC Nasir ud din Mashood Ahmad and other concerned officers were also in attendance.