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Event Title: Senator Mohsin Aziz, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Presiding over a Meeting of the Committee at Parliament House Islamabad

Event Date: 2022-10-07

The Senate Standing Committee on Interior on Friday informed that Senator Saifullah Sarwar Khan Nyazee is in the custody of the Ministry of Interior, the meeting on Friday was adjourned by 30 minutes with the directions to the Ministry to sought report on the mysterious arrest of the member of the Parliament, the commissioner initially reported that the member parliament is in the custody of the FIA however the FIA through an official statement confirmed that the member parliament is not under any detainment by the FIA. The special secretary after resumption of the meeting also refuted the statement of the member parliament in the custody of the FIA he further said that officially no agency has taken up the responsibility of the custody of Senator Saifullah Khan Nyazee. The special secretary also apprised the committee that he was not able to contact the Minister and seek information on the same.

The committee severely condemned the unprecedented arrest of the honorable member of the Parliament from the Parliament building and rebuked the non-seriousness and inefficient working of the Ministry on the same.

Later in the meeting it was informed by the Chairman Committee that Senator Saifullah Khan Nyazee is in the save custody of the Interior Ministry. The committee showed grave concern on the concealment of information by the secy, the committee was amazed that the member Parliament was in the custody of the ministry however the secy fail to communicate the same even after seeking information on the multiple times, still dissatisfied by the information the chairman committee gave strict directions to the Ministry to apprise the committee with complete report on the matter within 3 hrs.

The Senate Standing Committee on Interior on Friday unanimously passed the Torture and Custodial Death (Prevention and Punishment) Bill, 2022. Mohsin Aziz sought a categorical statement form the Ministry that the Ministry is not opposing the bill. It was presented that the object of the Bill is to criminalize and prevent acts of torture, custodial death and custodial rape committed against persons held in custody by public officials, and provide redress to the victims of such acts.

The criminal laws (Amendment) Bill, 2022 (insertion of new sections 52B, 512 and 514 in PPC and consequential amendments in schedule-II Cr.Pc) was deferred for the last time after 3 prior deferments, the chairman committee received a written statement by the mover of the bill intended not to pass the bill. The chairman committee showed great amazement and said that it is for the first time during my 7 years tenure as a member parliament that the mover is not coming out clear with the passing of the bill. The chairman committee did not wish to defer the bill as per the rules and procedure of the business of the senate and said that already extension has been granted multiple times and there lies contradictory opinion within the Ministry on the bill.

However the Chairman Committee in the larger interest of the country deferred the bill one last time and for final ruling on the bill in 7 days that too on the special  request of the ministry which stance was to refer the bill to the Ministerial committee. The chairman committee also directed the ministry to come clear and straight on the bill, he further advised to also withdraw the written comments. The Chairman Committee said that it is a very important bill and strongly relates to the prevailing situation in the country as the bill is to criminalize the heinous crime of enforced disappearances with impunity that surrounds the practice of enforced disappearance and bring perpetrators of these crimes to justice so as to provide closure to the families who are in immense pain owing to the fact that the fate and whereabouts of their loved ones are still unknown.

Consideration of the Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2022 was also taken up. Senator Rubina Khalid proposed amendments in the bill with regards to cybercrime against children. The Chairman Committee directed to send the recommendations to the Law Ministry first for perusal and deferred the matter for further deliberation.

Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2021 [Amendment of section 123B PPC and insertion of new section 123C in PPC and amendment of Schedule-II Cr.P.C), introduced by Senator Syed Sabir Shah on 25th January, 2021. The Bill was earlier reported by the Committee to the House but on 26th September, 2022 the Bill has been referred back to the Committee on the request of Minister for Law and Justice. The committee deferred the bill due to absence of the mover.

Matter pertaining to the Public Petition No.4834 regarding the amendments required in the assistance package for in-service deceased employees of CDA was disposed of. The Chairman Committee commented that the matter is sub-judice in the court and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the committee to pass directions, however the chairman committee maintained that justice should be done in the matter and the rights should be granted to the spouse of the deceased under the Prime Ministers’ package as the Prime Ministers’ package was introduced to meet the right of the spouse and does not come under any inherited claim

Matter regarding the implementation status of the directions of the Committee in its meeting held on 28th April, 2022 regarding possession of plot against membership No.4017, Plot No.48-E Street No.7 Block-C measuring 50X90 in Senate Avenue Zone-V Islamabad in particular and other directions of the Committee regarding the fate of other allottees having allotment letters issued by the society who are waiting possession of allotted plots after making full payments and submission of comprehensive audit report of the affairs of the society as directed by the committee was also taken up. The chairman Committee directed the housing society to fully complete the matter within 3 and half months and give relief to the effectees, failing to which will result in adverse action against the responsible and the matter will be directly referred to the FIA and dealt with in accordance to law.

The meeting was attended by Senator Moula Baksh Chandio, Senator Saifullah Abro, Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmed, Senator Faisal Saleem Ahmed, Senator Shahadat Awan, Rubina Khalid and Senator Fawzia Arshad and Senator Walid Iqbal. Officials from the Ministry of Interior CDA and other attached departments were also in attendance