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Event Title: Senator Walid Iqbal, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights Presiding over a Meeting of the Committee at Parliament House Islamabad

Event Date: 2022-09-05

The meeting commenced with deliberation on the matter regarding the arrest,abduction of Parliamentarians and tresspassing into private property with reference to incident of 25th May 2022. The Senate body also discussed the statement "minimum necessary and proportionate use of force" repeatedly stated by Law Enforcement Authorities. Senator Tahir Bizinjo stated that politicians are responsible for these kind of incidents and role of police is merely as tool. Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed was of the view that the 1934 police rules, which were made in colonial rule  to supress the citizens,are still in force and every ruling party used these against the opposition and there is dire need to amend these draconian laws. Senator Dr.Hamayun Mohmand suggested that discreationary powers should not be used without valid reasons and the terms use of force,misuse of force and abuse of power shall be differentiated. Senator Walid Iqbal termed laws like MPO, 61 and Police Rules, 1934, as black laws and strongly urged the Committee to assume it's role by steering amendments/repeal of these draconian laws.He also directed the IG Islamabad to submit a detailed report on number of raids conducted and number of shells fired and total reported incidents of baton charge on 25th May 2022.

Additionally, the committee discussed the issue of treatment of child which has to be sponsored by K-Electric. Spokesperson of K-Electric briefed that the K-Electric will transfer Rs.3 Million for the treatment of child as Audit report of BIONIKS will be verified. However, the spokesperson of BIONIKS stated that the proposed amount is insufficient and K-Electric is not fulfilling its commitment in which they agreed to pay Rs.1.2 crore for treatment. The Chair directed both the BIONIKS and K-Electric to present their report before the committee on 9th September.

While discussing the issue of Pakistani citizens who are detained in Guantanamo Bay jail. Mustafa, son of one of the detainee Saifullah Piracha, told the senate body that his family including his father are citizens of Pakistan by birth. He added that his father and his brother was arrested in Thailand and New york respectively in 2003 and were awarded 30 years imprisonment. However in 2018 the same judge overturned his decision regarding his brother and released him but unfortunately his father is still in Guantanamo Bay jail beacuse his nationality has not been confirmed by ministry of interior. Officials of ministry of foreign affairs apprised the committee that nationality of Saifullah Piracha has been confirmed by interior ministry and conveyed to US government and the victim will soon be released. Senator Walid Iqbal sought a report on the issue to be submitted before 15th September.

The Committee discussed the Bill titled "The Transgender Persons (Amendment) Bill 2021" introduced by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed. He apprised the senate body that Constitution of Pakistan clearly states that no law shall be enforced which is repugnant to injunctions of Islam and claimed that the Transgender bill was passed without taking prior opinion of Islamic Ideology Council. He further added that the terms 'Transgender' and Intersex' are altogether different from each other and the law is supposed to cater the needs of Intersex persons not transgender. He also proposed the establishment of medical board to confirm the sexuality of transgenders. Rabiya Javeri Agha told the senate body the practice of medical board has been failed in India and it is also against the right of privacy which is considered to be fundamental right of the citizens of the country. The Chair decided to take opinion of Islamic Ideology Council on the matter and invited the movers of the Bill to present their stance in the next meeting.

The meeting was attended by Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Senator Muhammad Tahir Bizinjo,Senator Seemee Ezdi,Senator Abida Muhammad Azeem,Senator Kamran Michael,Senator Prof.Dr.Mehr Taj Roghani,Senator Keshoo Bai,Senator Mushtaq Ahmed,Senator Atta Ur Rehman,Senator Dr.Hamayun Mohmand, Afzal Latif Secretary for Ministry of Human Rights,Rabiya Javeri Agha Chairperson National Commission for Human Rights,Akbar Nasir Khan IG Islamabad Police and other concerned officers of ministry of interior and ministry of foreign affairs were also in attendance.