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Event Title: An interactive session on “Discussing Roadmap on Sharing Experiences and Best Practices on Parliamentary Research” with the Manager Research and Library Services and the Team from the New Zealand Parliament was held on 24th August 2022.

Event Date: 2022-08-24

Jointly organized by the Parliamentary Development Unit (PDU), Senate Secretariat, and Office of the Research and Library Services of the New Zealand Parliament, the virtual meeting between the two teams was held on Wednesday, the 24th August 2022, in the Senate Committee Room No. 3 Parliament House, Islamabad. The purpose of the meeting was to deliberate and devise ways and means to design a future roadmap of collaboration and partnership of both research teams.

In line with the vision of the Hon’ble Chairman Senate regarding “Mutual Collaboration for Improving Parliamentary Performance”; this interactive session was to develop and manage partnerships with International Parliaments and strengthen parliamentary institutions through enhanced capacities, performances, and parliamentary diplomacy.

Mr. Mir Shai Mazar Baloch (Director General, Coordination) welcomed the participants and emphasized strengthening parliamentary relations between the two sides in terms of taking initiatives on parliamentary research and library services.

Director (Research) gave an overview regarding the research products produced by the Research Directorate in assistance to the Hon’ble members of the Senate and the committees.

Jill Taylor, Manager, Research, and Darry Slater, Principal Research Adviser pitched ideas to work mutually on agreed topics and common thematic research areas.

Deputy Director (Library) gave an introduction to the Senate’s Library. Moreover, it was also mutually proposed a separate session to discuss the library services provided by each side.

The two sides mutually agreed to share research products and formulation of a working group on parliamentary research to coordinate and jointly organized interactive sessions and produce research papers/briefs on mutually agreed topics.

Moreover, both sides mutually appreciated the work that is being done by each side in their respective parliaments and are committed to carrying forward the spirit of working together to improve parliamentary performance.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from each side.