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Event Title: Senator Zeeshan Khanzada presiding over a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Commerce at the Parliament House on Friday 3rd June 3, 2022.

Event Date: 2022-06-03

Islamabad 3rd June, 2022: Meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Commerce was held at Parliament House on Friday with Senator Zeeshan Khanzada in the Chair.

The meeting commenced with deliberations on the point of public importance raised by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed regarding details of countries visited by Secretary of Commerce and expenses incurred on each visit. Senator Mushtaq Ahmed showed satisfaction on the details provided by Ministry of Commerce. However, he expressed serious reservations on current trade deficit and opined that Pakistan should increase its trade with neighbouring countries like Afghanistan,Iran and Central Asian Republics (CARS).

Moreover, the Committee also discussed the matter regarding import of sub-standard wheat by Trade Corporation raised by Senator Dilawar Khan. Chairman Committee Senator Zeeshan Khanzad told the Committee that Senator Dilawar Khan showed satisfaction on the explanation of ministry. He further disposed off both the matters after the detailed discussion.

The meeting was attended by Senator Fida Muhammad,Senator Saleem Mandviwalla,Senator Mohammad Abdul Qadir,Senator MUshtaq Ahmed,Senator Muhammad Qasim,Special Secretary Ministry Of Commerce,Chairperson National Tariff Commission, and other senior officers of ministry as well.