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Event Title: Senator Sabir Shah presiding over a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Water Resources after being elected as a Chairperson of the Committee, at Parliament House on June 30, 2022

Event Date: 2022-06-30

Islamabad (June 30, 2022) A meeting of the Standing Committee on Water Resources of the Upper House was held here at the Parliament House on Thursday to elect the Chairperson of the Committee. Senator Quratul Ain Murri proposed the name of Senator Sabir Shah as chairman of the committee which was seconded by Senator Taj Haider. On being elected as Chairman Committee of the Water Resources, Senator Sabir Shah thanked the members of the committee and said that he would fulfil the confidence placed in him. The newly elected chairman of the committee called for working together to fulfill the responsibility entrusted to them.

Senators termed water issue as a major problem of the country and assured their full support in this regard. Senator Taj Haider said that the agriculture sector needs to be developed to alleviate poverty which is interlinked with the appropriate and timely distribution of water.

Senator Humayun Mohmand remarked that unfortunately water issue has been neglected, adding that the water level below the ground is declining rapidly which calls for impactful actions to be taken at the earliest.

Today's meeting of the Standing Committee was attended by Senators Taj Haider, Quratul Ain Murri, Muhammad Humayun Mohmand, and Gurdeep Singh, along with Joint Secretary Senate Secretariat, Rabia Anwar and other Senate officials.