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Event Title: Senator Shibli Faraz being interviewed by the Danish Digital Media Platform, “My Law Story”

Event Date: 2022-05-12


Dr. Ditlev Tamm, a professor of legal history associated with My law Story, a digital media platform focusing on diversity, equality and work–life in the field of law, interviewed Senator Shibli Faraz here at the Parliament House on Thursday.

During the interview, Senator Shibli Faraz addressed questions related to Pakistan’s legal History, the functioning of the legal system and relationship between law and politics in Pakistan.

Senator Shibli Faraz said that Pakistan was created on the basis of religion, and under the constitution, all laws must be in conformity to the basic teachings of Islam. He added that Pakistan, in comparison to other Islamic Republics in the world, aims to strike a balance between a secular state and Islamic State.

Senator Shibli Faraz reiterated the words of the former Prime Minister Imran Khan and added that this party visualizes Pakistan as a welfare state, and a state where all citizens are held equally accountable, regardless of their economic or religious position. He added that Denmark has set a good example of a welfare state. He also highlighted the several challenges Pakistan is facing in achieving this goal.

Senator Shibli Faraz, while speaking of foreign policy, stated that Pakistan seeks friendship, peace and harmony with all the countries of the world, without compromising its national interest or sovereignty. “I have always believed in mutually beneficial relationship, based on trust and reciprocity” he stated. 

Senator Shibli Faraz in his interview also said that the biggest challenge facing Pakistani politics today is the lack of a dynamic and sincere leadership. He was hopeful elections would be held soon, “let the people of Pakistan decide for their future and achieve the aims of a welfare state and support the under privileged class of the society”, he stated

Note to the Editor :

My Law Story produces documentaries about legal histories of countries. The project on Global Legal History explores the world outside of Denmark. This episode would focused upon Pakistan's Legal history, functioning of the legal System, and relation between law and politics in Pakistan

The team from "My Law Story" is headed by Dr Ditlev Tamm a professor of legal history and Dr Sabba Mirza CEO My Law Story Postdoctoral Research at Max Planck Institute, university of Oxford