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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on States and Frontier Regions

Event Date: 2022-03-29

The meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on States and Frontier Regions was held at Old PIPS Hall, Parliament Lodges on Tuesday with Senator Hilal-ur-Rehman in the Chair.

The Committee discussed the point of public importance raised by Senator Hidayat Ullah regarding the problems arising in Merged Districts after merger. Senator Hidayat Ullah informed the Committee that there is not even a single primary school in my district. He stated that without education to the children, eradication of terrorism is not possible in the erstwhile FATA.

 While discussing the implementation of commitments made by Federal Government for Fata. The officials of Ministry of Finance told the Committee that after the 25th Constitutional amendment, Ministry work is only to deliver funds to province and has nothing to do with its implementation. Chairman Committee said that the funds of FATA have been used against projects of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Senator Dost Muhammad Khan was of opinion that there should be separate account for Merged Districts.

However, the officials of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government briefed the Committee about the steps taken for mainstreaming of Merged Districts. Officials told that the KP government has utilized 100 p.c. of funds released by Federal Government during last two years, which amounts to 95 Billion Rupees. Senator Sania Nishter stated that these funds are quite enormous, but unfortunately KP government is not able to name even a single project which has been completed with these funds. Our problem is quality of implementation not money, she added. She suggested to direct the KP government to install biometrics machines in every school and DHQ hospital across the erstwhile FATA to curb ghost employees in different departments. She also recommended to hold Committee meeting in Peshawar, so that the Committee can practically observe the on ground prevailing situation. Senator Hidayat Ullah also pointed out that Home Department of KP has mentioned in it's report that work for the construction of Judicial Complex, jails and police stations has started but in reality the Home Department has not purchased land for these projects up till now. The Chairman Committee showed displeasure on poor performance of KP government in addressing the issues of erstwhile FATA.


Furthermore, the Committee has also taken up the matter of 3 p.c. share of every province in NFC for erstwhile FATA. Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives told the Committee that neither  Punjab nor KP province has paid its promised share for the development of erstwhile FATA.

Additionally, the Committee discussed the merger status of Levies and Khasadar Force of FATA into KP Police. The Secretary of Home Department (KPK) informed the Committee that Arms, Ammunition, Service Card and uniform has been given to every Khasadar Force employee. The Chairman Committee Senator Hilal ur Rehman showed satisfaction over the efforts of KP police and advised to carry on the good work for the betterment of people of erstwhile FATA.

The meeting was attended by Senator Anwar Lal Dean, Senator Bahramand Tangi, Senator Danesh Kumar, Senator Dost Muhammad Khan, Senator Gurdeep Singh, Senator Hidayat Ullah Khan, Senator Sania Nishter, Senator Shamim Afridi, Senator Syed Muhammad Sabir Shah, Secretary for Ministry of States and Frontier Regions and other senior officers of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning Development and Special Initiatives and Home Department of KPK as well.