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Event Title: A Sub-Committee of the Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination meets under the Convenership of Senator Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tareen

Event Date: 2021-12-10

 Islamabad, December 10, 2021: To probe the matter of non-issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC) to Legend College, Multan by Pakistan Pharmacy Council (PPC), Sub-Committee of the Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination after talking out the issue has decided to visit and inspect the condition of the said college on 14th Dec 2021.

A meeting of sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination was held here at the Parliament House under the  Convenership of  Senator Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tareen.  Apart from Senator Sana Jamali and Senator Khalida Ateeb, Director General Ministry of Health, Vice President of Pakistan Pharmacy Council (PPC) and member PPC also attended the meeting. Senator Rana Mahmood ul Hassan participated as a special invitee in the meeting.

After a detailed discussion on the subject of the non-issuance of NOC to Legend College Multan, the committee agreed to visit the college on Tuesday next week. Senator Rana Mahmood Ul Hassan said that the Sub-Committee itself would visit the College to check the reality on the ground and compile a report. If the Legend College Multan does not meet the criteria set by PPC, then NOC should not be issued to them, he added. Member PPC reiterated that if the Legend college Multan fulfils the benchmarks set by PPC then NOC would be issued in due course of time.

The PPC vice-president told the committee that insufficient laboratories, books, glassware, and lack of other necessary equipment were some of the reasons for not handing out NOC to Legend College Multan. He briefed the Sub-Committee that 87 institutions were visited in the recent past out of which 72 were granted NOCs while registration of 15 institutions was deferred due to non-compliance with the criteria. He maintained that it is unfortunate that the country has just appx. 47000 registered pharmacists while Balochistan has only 1700 enrolled pharmacists. He remarked that efforts were being made to increase the number of pharmacists while maintaining high standards.

Senator Rana Mahmood ul Hassan underlined that he would withdraw the agenda if the college doesn’t meet the required benchmarks set by PPC. He revealed that a pharmacy Education Institution with the name “Yashfeen” having an area of 3 Kanals has been issued NOC  while Legend College Multan with area of 8 kanals has been denied so. The relevant documents regarding the institution “Yashfeen” were submitted to the committee by Senator Rana Mahmood ul Hassan.

The DG  Ministry of Health stated that after the visit and evaluation of college by the Sub-Committee, its directions would be implemented in letter and spirit.
It was further informed by the DG that fifty quake institutions have been shut down in Islamabad on Thursday (9th Dec 2021) after inspection.  No one should get a "license to kill", he added.

The issue of alleged bribery levied upon PPC was also discussed in the meeting.  Senator Rana Mahmud ul Hassan asserted that it was a disgrace to the PPC that people were asking for money on its name, adding that an application has been submitted in this regard to the FIA and IB. Vice President PPC said that if anyone has done wrong and found guilty he would be punished.