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Event Title: Courtesy call by H.E. MITSUHIRO WADA, the Ambassador of Japan, on Honourable Senator Dr. Shahzad Waseem, Leader of the House in Senate

Event Date: 2021-12-13

 ISLAMABAD: Pakistan attaches great importance to further augmenting, diversifying and broadening diplomatic and inter-parliamentary relations, particularly in the context of bilateral cooperation in the economic, trade, development, and investment sectors, said Senator Dr. Shahzad Waseem, leader of the House in Senate, during a call-on by Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan H.E. Mitsuhiro Wada at his residence here.

        The Leader of the House in Senate welcomed and greeted H.E. Mitsuhiro Wada on assuming the responsibilities as Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, and expressed his desire to working together to further deepen the fraternal and friendly relations between the two countries to realize the mutually cherished ideals of peace, development and cooperation in both the region and the world.
        Dr Shahzad Waseem underscored the high importance Pakistan attached to its relationship with Japan, which was embedded in mutual trust, understanding, and commonality of views on a host of regional and international issues, including terrorism. He said Pakistan and Japan are long-standing friends and partners, acknowledging that Japan is among the major foreign investors in Pakistan and a significant export destination for Pakistani products.
        He appreciated that apart from being a key economic partner of Pakistan, Japan has made important contributions in supporting the country's socio-economic development and poverty reduction efforts over the years.
Highlighting that the year 2022 will mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Japan, he expressed satisfaction that since the establishment of their diplomatic relations in 1952, Japan and Pakistan have fostered close relations over the years through high-level exchanges and multi-faceted government and private-sector cooperation, with their cooperative ties witnessing an upward trajectory.
       He, however, stressed the need to explore new dimensions to further enrich mutual cooperation and economic activities in different sectors, especially in the fields of Science and Technology, Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Industries, technology transfer, human resource export, culture and tourism, and innovation and skills.  In this regard, he stressed the need to promote joint venture mode for Japanese investment in Pakistan that will help in technology and skill transfer to our businesses.
      He invited Japanese IT companies to engage with and benefit from young, talented and skilled human resource in Pakistan.
        Stressing the importance of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan for Pakistan and the region, Senator Dr. Shahzad Waseem highlighted Pakistan's efforts for regional peace, security, and stability.
        The Leader of the House in Senate highlighted that Prime Minister Imran Khan and the present PTI government were pursuing the agenda of a social welfare state that was at peace within and outside. Based on this vision, Pakistan seeks to promote regional and international peace and security, and ensure the economic and social development of our peoples, he added.
        With a paradigm shift from geo-politics to geo-economics, Pakistan has turned a new chapter in international relations by actively promoting cooperative and inclusive development and shared prosperity within the region and beyond, Senator Waseem said.
        Keeping with its international obligations and its commitment to the United Nations Charter, Pakistan consistently seeks friendship and cooperation in its foreign relations on the basis of sovereign equality, mutual respect and benefit, non-interference and peaceful settlement of disputes.
        Dr. Waseem emphasized that augmenting inter-parliamentary relations between the two countries was of great significance since parliament was the supreme forum where the will of the people resides.
         Parliamentarians, who represent the collective voice, concerns and dreams of the people, can make a huge difference by working together for improving peoples’ lives, and ensuring peace and security.
         He expressed confidence that in addition to “our diplomatic ties, our parliamentary relations will also continue to flourish in the days ahead.”
         Together, two parliaments need to focus on fostering contacts and coordination, and sharing of expertise and experience through frequent interactions and exchanges of parliamentary delegations, he added.
         The Japanese ambassador thanked the Leader of the House in Senate for the warm welcome and expressed commitment to further solidifying bilateral relations and cooperation for peace, prosperity and betterment of the peoples of the two countries.