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Event Title: A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Power was held on Thursday i.e 9th December, 2021

Event Date: 2021-12-09

A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Power was held on Thursday i.e 9th December, 2021. Chairman Committee, Senator Saifullah Abro chaired the meeting; and attended by Senator Saifullah Sarwar Khan Nyazee, Senator Sana Jamali and senior officers of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division), NEPRA along with all concerned.
The Committee deliberated over rehabilitation of de-licensed Public Sector power generation plants and improvements of all GENCOs and recommendations regarding operating GENCO-I on LNG instead of furnace oil.  The ELR expenditures made by HESCO and SEPCO under development, maintenance and procurement of material heads from June 2008 to-date were also discussed.  
The Committee was provided details of rehabilitation plans of TPS Jamshoro, Kotri, Guddu. An estimation of costs for the project was shared with the Committee.The Chairman Committee showed grave concern regarding delays and said that in order to benefit fully, it was imperative that the power sector be revamped. Regarding the use of alternative energy sources in the country and the plan to assimilate generated power into the system; the Committee was informed that alternative energy sources entailed 4 to 5 percent of total generated power which has not yet been introduced into the system.  The Committee directed the Power Division to ensure that all obstacles are removed and alternative energy sources are utilised to the fullest in the country.  It was asserted that this was the way in which the energy crisis in the country could be curtailed.  Discussing the menace of Circular Debt, the Committee enquired about payments that were to be made by K-Electric, since it owed an amount of PKR 53 billion to Government of Pakistan.  It was asserted by the Members of the Committee that the Power Division must ensure that these payments are made at the earliest.  K-Electric, in previous meetings had admitted that in 2005 it had no liability on the government and hence it would pay back the said amount. It was unanimously decided by the Committee that action must be taken within two weeks by the Power Division.
Taking up the case of illegal appointments the Committee discussed the case of CFO, HESCO, who within a period of 5 months spent a magnanimous amount of PKR 24 million as expenditure in the Board meetings of HESCO.  The Committee stressed the need for strict measures and directed that the case must be forwarded to FIA for further investigation.
Discussing ELR expenditures made by HESCO and SEPCO, the Committee dissatisfied with the submitted data and directed that all relevant data must be submitted to the Committee within a week.