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Event Title: Meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Aviation was held under the chairmanship of Senator Hidayat Ullah at the Parliament House

Event Date: 2022-01-20

Senate Standing Committee on Aviation met on Thursday and discussed the issues of the deteriorating conditions of the airports, the lack of proper services, the malfunctioning of the wash room equipment and other maintenance facilities. “The Aviation performance rate of Pakistan is 0.3pc as compared to the world”, stated Senator Saleem Mandviwala while expressing dissatisfaction. The committee believed that a revamp is required for the aviation to flourish in the country.

Islamabad (20th January 2022): Meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Aviation was held under the chairmanship of Senator Hidayat Ullah at the Parliament House on Thursday.

Discussion on the starred questions raised by senator Naseebullah Bazai and Bahramand Khan Tangi, regarding details of posting, service group and incumbent DG Civil Aviation Authority. The secretary Aviation informed that the information pertaining to previous service record of DG CAA needs to be obtained from Establishment Division as same is the competent forum for posting of PAS officers. “Posting policies have changed with the changing governments”, the Secretary stated, while expressing that making policies and their enforcement is the mandate of the Federal Government. The chairman committee directed to seek views from the Establishment in the next meeting and sought record of the officer.

Matter pertaining to the issue of transfer of 123 –kanal and 16 marla piece of land out of 4023 –kanal and 1 marla to its co-owners taken by CAA for the construction of Islamabad international airport was also discussed in detail. The committee was informed by the CAA authorities that the request for exclusion of an area measuring 123 kanals and 16 marlas was agreed to by CAA and accordingly by the Deputy commissioner Rawalpindi was requested to move the case for surrendering of above mentioned area with concerned authority i.e, Board of Revenue Punjab Lahore.  Later the IIAP was examined and re –evaluated by the concerned CAA’s functionaries as the master plan of IIAP project has been revised due to a proposal of a third runway. The committee was informed that the land is also essentially required for smooth operation of an aircraft under National Airfield Clearance Policy (NAFCP) criteria at the airport, so the request earlier made by CAA was withdrawn. As per version of Estate Branch the land in question has been mutated in the name of CAA on 17-09-1997. CAA has deposited the compensation amount with Revenue Department for disbursement to the ex-landowners but the land owners have not yet received compensation. The complainant submitted that the compensation should be given according to the land rate from the present date. The secretary Aviation said that this does not come under our ambit and that it was fault of the owner not to collect money from the land accusation collector on time. The Chairman committee pointed out a letter on record by the Deputy Commissioner that no land requisition record has been found on the disputed land. The chairman committee directed to summon the SMBR and Deputy Commissioner and sought details on the subject. The committee maintained that the documentation should be duly observed. It was further directed that construction should be stopped till the resolution of the matter.

On the matter of improvement plans of the facilities for the passengers at all airports keeping in view the deteriorating condition at all airports was also discussed in detail. The committee expressed dissatisfaction that the conditions of the airports are not up to the mark and the washrooms equipment is malfunctioning. The committee recommended constructing new washrooms and improving and expanding the ablution area. The CAA informed the committee that a new state of the art International Airport is being built at Gwadar with all latest allied provisions to enhance passenger facilitation.

While briefing on the working of air traffic control system the committee was informed of the existing VHF /EVHF infrastructure the committee was briefed that it includes Karachi : 200 NM , Hyderabad : 200 NM, Pasni 200 NM. The committee was also briefed on induction process which includes sixteen years of education degree and class –III medical standard. Basic training on CATI -40 weeks extensive training (ICAO prescribed courses Deployment at OJT stations, for on Job training (KAR, LAH and ISL). Radar basic training, Non radar approach training etc. the Air Navigation Plan 2019-2024 was also discussed in the meeting; the committee was informed that phase -1 activation of ACC Islamabad was completed. Phase -2 of shifting Karachi sector north to ACC Lahore, Establishment of Karachi Sector Center and phase 3 of establishment of Karachi terminal area control (130 NM around Karachi is in progress.

The meeting was attended by Senator Saleem Mandviwala , Afnan Ullah Khan , Aon Abbas, Bahramand Khan Tangi, Naseeb Ullah Bazai and Fida Muhammad. Senior officials from the Civil Aviation authority and its attached departments were also in attendance.