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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination Chaired by Senator Mian Raza Rabbani

Event Date: 2022-01-14

Islamabad, 14 Jan 2022:- The Senate Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination on Friday decided to convene a special meeting of the committee on upcoming SAF games 2023 (South Asian Federation Games), to be hosted by Pakistan.

The Committee decided to take a detailed briefing from the Pakistan Cricket Board on the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season 7 commencing from the 27th January, 2022.

The Committee met here at Parliament House with Senator Mian Raza Rabbani in the Chair.

At the outset, the Chairman Committee informed that the President Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) was tested positive for COVID-19 and admitted to hospital, while Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) was out of the country hence both were not present in the meeting.

The Committee reviewed the compliance status submitted by the Ministry on the recommendations made by the Committee in its meeting held on 7th October 2021.

While briefing the committee on the budgetary proposal, the Secretary IPC said that the proposed PSDP for FY 2022-23 is Rs.7099.423 million having 32 schemes. According to the budgetary information submitted by the ministry Rs. 2593.627 million allocated for 10 ongoing schemes and Rs. 3035.796 million allocated for 11 new proposed schemes. The detailed discussion on the budgetary proposal was deferred due to the non-availability of the Minister IPC.

The highlights of the major decisions taken during the meeting are as follows:

▪ The Committee was perturbed that its directions given in the last meeting regarding appointment of a grade 12 official on the post of Director, Pakistan Sports Board, Karachi, have still not been carried out. It directs the Secretary, Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination that within one week an officer of an equivalent grade shall be appointed on acting basis either from the Ministry or from the Pakistan Sports Board.

▪ During the discussion the Director General, Pakistan Sports Board brought to the notice of the Committee that a number of positions are lying vacant, therefore the Committee directed that a list of such positions and the dates from which such vacancies have occurred along with the steps taken so far to fil the said vacancies be provided to the Committee before the next meeting.

▪ On the issue of letter written by the President Pakistan Olympics Association to the International Olympics Committee, it was brought to the notice of the Committee that six reminders have been written by the Ministry of IPC to the Olympic Association with reference to complying with the directives of the Standing Committee in providing a copy of the letter written by the President Olympics Association to the International Olympics Committee, but such letter has still date not been provided.

The Secretariat of the Committee has been directed to address a letter to the President, Pakistan Olympics Association to provide a copy with immediate effect to the Standing Committee of the letter written by his office to the International Olympics Committee. Such letter should be provided with immediate effect i.e. within ten days of the instant date.

Should such letter not be provided to the Committee, it shall be treated as a breach of privilege of the Committee and, the Committee will then be free to proceed against any person acting through or under the Pakistan Olympics Association under the rules of procedure and conduct of business of Senate, 2012 for breach of privilege of the Committee.

▪ The Committee took note of the fact that PCB has provided a rough sketch of the terms and conditions on which the new tour of the New Zealand team has been negotiated. The CEO of the PCB is directed to appear before the Committee in its next meeting with details of the terms and condition of the said tour of New Zealand.

▪ The PCB is also directed to provide the Committee, in its next meeting, details of the tours of other Cricket playing countries for the next three years.

▪ As far as South Asian Federation (SAF) Games 2023 are concerned the following issues are need to be addressed:

i. The question of the holding of SAF Games and its administrative and logistical planning and carrying out whether it is to done by Ministry of IPC / Pakistan Sports Board or by the Pakistan Olympics Association.

ii. The presence state of preparedness of both the Ministry of IPC / Pakistan Sports Board and the Pakistan Olympics Association with reference to the SAF Games 2023.

iii. Whether a venue of the SAF Games has been decided so far.

iv. The Secretariat of the Committee will carry out a research as to what is the practice in other countries where such international events are held. Whether they are under the auspices of the Olympics Association or any other Sports Body functioning within that country.

Chairman, CEO and COO of Pakistan Cricket Board shall be requested to attend the meeting with all concerned to brief the Committee on the above mentioned agenda.

On the matter regarding working, function, funding received and its utilization to all Federal Sports Organizations the committee decided to reconstitute a Sub-Committee under the convener ship of Senator Irfan ul Haq Siddiqui with the same mandate to probe the affairs of the Sports Organizations on account of the fact that previously Pakistan Sports Board had failed to submit the timely responses of the Sports Organizations before the sub-committee.

The report of the Sub-Committee “to study the causes of non-implementation of the Council of Common Interest (CCI) decisions” was also adopted by the Standing Committee to be sent to Council of Common Interests Division headed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.