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Event Title: Development projects and access to modern technology has made Balochistan enter the mainstream of national development

Event Date: 2021-09-15

Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjarani addressed the participants at the signing ceremony of agreement between Universal Service Fund and Telenor for high speed mobile broadband 4G project in Chaghi and Noshki districts of Balochistan province. “Development projects and access to modern technology has made Balochistan enter the mainstream of national development.  I urge all stakeholders to maximize and diversify their efforts for development of other backward areas of Balochistan Province aswell”.

Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjarani said that being from Balochistan province, I am proud that projects of great importance for the betterment of the people across the province are being implemented. He hoped that modern technology would play an important role in bringing Chaghi and Noshki districts of Balochistan province on the digital map of the world.
He added that Balochistan still lags far behind other provinces in technology and infrastructure projects. Chairman Senate thanked all the stakeholders for their contribution in this very important project. He congratulated the people of Chaghi and Noshki districts on introduction of speed mobile broadband 4G services in the area. Chairman Senate said that “Huge investments are being made in technology and digitization all over the world. Information and communication technologies have revolutionized every aspect of our lives, be it personal or professional. The socio-economic future of the entire world now depends on fast digital communication. The USF and Telenor's digitization partnership will help bring backward areas on par with modern areas and provide unprecedented opportunities to local population”. Senate Chairman informed the participants that a university is also being set up in Dalbandin, Balochistan.
Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjarani said that access to modern technology provides an opportunity for the young generation to seek education and vocational training to be a part of the national digital revolution. The availability of high-speed online digital access to health, education, agriculture, trade and governance and other sectors is a matter of urgency.
Chairman Senate reiterated his commitment to continue his full cooperation and support for the development of Balochistan and to work together to bring the people of Balochistan on par with the other comparatively developed provinces.
 The Chairman Senate said that there were serious problems of connectivity in Balochistan. The provision of 4G services in Noshki and Chaghi districts is welcome. He said that 70,000 to 80,000 religious pilgrims travel through this route every year. The provision of this service will help alleviate the sense of deprivation of the people of Balochistan.