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Event Title: Chairman Senate, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani Planting A Sapling Of Orange (Red Blood) Tree

Event Date: 2021-09-02

Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Thursday planted a sapling at Parliament Lodges where a drive was being carried out under the Prime Minister’s "Clean and Green” initiative.

In his message on the occasion, the Chairman said that Pakistan is confronting a big challenge in the face of climate change. Only by planting more trees can we reduce the effects of climate change, he highlighted. He stressed that all institutions need to work together to promote environmentally friendly attitudes.

“The fallouts of climate change can only be mitigated through comprehensive afforestation and by taking environmentally friendly measures”, Sanjrani asserted.

He exhorted the masses to take part in Prime Minister Imran Khan's "Clean and Green Pakistan” drive and plant trees as much as possible. “Efforts are being made to enact effective legislation to counter the threat of climate change”, he remarked.

He apprised that according to an estimate and available information (2020), Pakistan has one of the world’s highest deforestation rates, between 0.2pc and 0.5 pc-the worst in Asia after war-torn Afghanistan. However, the green covered area has swelled in the last two years after the launch of the “ Ten Billion tree Tsunami” campaign by Imran Khan. According to a rough appraisal, due to our unfavourable attitude towards the environment, the country’s forest cover area is a mere 5.7% which is a matter of great concern, he added.

He underscored that everyone should take part in the national tree plantation campaign and join the efforts of Federal and Provincial governments to increase green cover in the country.

He said that educational institutions and social sectors should also participate with fervour in the campaign and urged parliamentarians to lead the tree plantation campaign in their respective constituencies.

“Trees not only beautify our environment but also provide us with an excellent source of oxygen. We must show a positive sentiment towards the environment to make the earth a better place to live”, he underlined.