Recognized as political nerve ends, the gatherers of information, the sifters of alternatives, the refiners of legislative detail, and the eyes and ears of the Parliament, much of the business of the House is handled by the Committees. The Senate of Pakistan has an efficient Committee System which has established traditions of sovereignty of the Parliament over the years and has dealt with a wide range of issues of national importance and public interest.

Senate Committees

  • Standing Committees
  • Functional Committees
  • Domestic Committees
  • Other Committees
  • Special Committees
  • Select Committees on Bills


Under the Senate rules, there shall be a Standing Committee that deals with the business of the Government relating to the Ministry with which it is concerned or any other matter referred to it by the Senate or the Chairman Senate. A Committee is authorized to examine suo moto the budgetary allocation, administration, legislation, public petitions and the policies of the Ministry concerned and its attached Divisions.

Besides Standing Committees, there are the functional Committees, (i) Committee on Government Assurances (ii) Committee on Problems of Less Developed Areas (iii) Committee on Devolution and (iv) Committee on Human Rights.

In addition to the above Committees, there are other Committees, namely the Committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges and the Committee on Delegated Legislation. While, House Committee and Library Committee are the domestic committees of the Senate of Pakistan concerning with the issues, requirements and provision of a wide range of facilities & modern solutions to the Senators from facilitation of accommodations to ensuring access of members to a vast range of books and international journals.

Special Committee and Select Committee on Bills are also constituted through a motion by the House whenever the need for the formation of such committees arises on special issues, subjects or bills and the provisions relating to the Standing Committees shall apply mutatis mutandis to a Select Committee and a Special Committee.

S. No. Committee Name Committee Type Chairperson/ Convener Committee Secretary Members
1 Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Standing Committee Prof. Sajid Mir Waqas Khan View Members
2 Committee to consider and make recommendations on the Money Bill, the Tax Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2024 Special Committee Farooq Hamid Naek Iffat Mustafa View Members
3 Business Advisory Committee Domestic Committee Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani Syed Hasnain Haider View Members
4 Senate Finance Committee Domestic Committee Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani Syed Hasnain Haider View Members
5 Senate House Committee House Committee Syedaal Khan Muhammad Zubair Thaheem View Members
6 Finance and Revenue Standing Committee Saleem Mandviwalla Iffat Mustafa View Members
7 Planning Development and Special Initiatives Standing Committee Qurat-Ul-Ain Marri Hassan Farooq Dar View Members
8 Foreign Affairs Standing Committee Irfan-ul-Haque Siddiqui Hafsa Farooq View Members
9 Climate Change and Environmental Coordination Standing Committee Sherry Rehman Wajeeha Riaz View Members
10 Federal Education and Professional Training Standing Committee Bushra Anjum Butt Ghulam Muhammad Shar View Members
11 Cabinet Secretariat Standing Committee Rana Mahmood ul Hassan Mir Shai Mazar Baloch View Members
12 Communications Standing Committee Pervaiz Rashid Qasim Omer View Members
13 Water Resources Standing Committee Shahadat Awan Farkhanda Nasir View Members
14 Law and Justice Standing Committee Farooq Hamid Naek Rabeea Anwar View Members
15 Aviation Standing Committee Abdul Qudoos Shahana Iftikhar View Members
16 Commerce Standing Committee Anusha Rahman Ahmad Khan Muhammad Bilal Bokhari View Members
17 Defence Production Standing Committee Mohammad Abdul Qadir Tayyab Bin Tahir Khan View Members
18 Delegated Legislation Other Committee Naseema Ehsan Muhammad Tariq Mahsood View Members
19 Devolution Functional Committee Dr Zarqa Suharwardy Taimur Muhammad Irfan Chaudhry View Members
20 Economic Affairs Standing Committee Saifullah Abro Bushra Rafique Dahar View Members
21 Government Assurances Functional Committee Abdul Shakoor Khan Samiullah View Members
22 Housing and Works Standing Committee Nasir Mehmood Syed Khurram Hussain Naqvi View Members
23 Human Rights Standing Committee Samina Mumtaz Zehri Tariq Bin Waheed View Members
24 Industries and Production Standing Committee Aon Abbas Muhammad Abubakar Siddique View Members
25 Information and Broadcasting Standing Committee Syed Ali Zafar Mujeeb Qadir View Members
26 Information Technology and Telecommunication Standing Committee Palwasha Mohammad Zai Khan Lt Col R Syed Asim Raza View Members
27 Interior Standing Committee Faisal Saleem Rahman Rida Qazi View Members
28 Maritime Affairs Standing Committee M Fesal Vawda Hafeezullah Sheikh View Members
29 National Food Security and Research Standing Committee Syed Masroor Ahsan Zarghoona Shabbir View Members
30 National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Standing Committee Amir Waliuddin Chishti Mughees Ahmad Shaikh View Members
31 Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Standing Committee Zeeshan Khanzada Mubashir Ali Shah View Members
32 Parliamentary Affairs Standing Committee Mohammad Humayun Mohmand Sara Saleem View Members
33 Petroleum Standing Committee Umer Farooq Mudassar Sher Ali Gondal View Members
34 Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety Standing Committee Sardar Al Haj Muhammad Umer Gorgaij Mir Nauroze Khan View Members
35 Power Standing Committee Mohsin Aziz Muhammad Azam Sulahri View Members
36 Privatization Standing Committee Muhammad Tallal Badar Abdul Razique View Members
37 Railways Standing Committee Jam Saifullah Khan Jamil Ahmed Khoso View Members
38 Problems of Less Developed Areas Functional Committee Shahzaib Durrani Muhammad Shafiq View Members
39 Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony Standing Committee Atta Ur Rehman Adnan Ibne Asad View Members
40 Rules of Procedure and Privileges Standing Committee Taj Haider Rafiullah View Members
41 Science and Technology Standing Committee Kamil Ali Agha Kamal Ahmed Feroz View Members
42 States and Frontier Regions Standing Committee Jan Muhammad Alamzeb View Members