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Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq (Leader of the House )
Name: Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq
Tenure: March 2009 to March 2015
Province: Punjab
Party: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N)
Seat Description: General
Designation: Leader of the House

Personal Information

Gender: Male

Contact Detail

Home Number: 051-2891515,2891414
Mobile Number: 0333-5451515
Fax Number: 051-2891616
Local Address: H.No.36, St-39, G-7/4, Islamabad.
Permanent Address: H.No.36, St-39, G-7/4, Islamabad.

Academic Career

Qualification: M.A (Political Science) from Punjab University
L.L.B from Punjab Law College 1958
B.A from Government College, Lahore in 1956

Countries Visited

List of Countries * Visited the following countries to attend International Conferences: (1)United Kingdom,(2)United States of America,(3)Kuwait,(4)Japan,(5)Indonesia,(6)Egypt,(7)Libya,(8)Morocco,(9)Tunisia,(10)Maldives,(11)Nigeria,(12)Switzerland,(13)France,(14)Austria,(15)Malaysia,(16)Bangladesh,(17)Thailand,(18)Korea,(19)Ivory Coast,(20)UAE,(21)Oman,(22)Iran,(23)Azerbaijan,(24)Uzbekistan,(25)Kazakhstan,(26)Turkmenistan,(27)Tajikistan,(28)China,(29)Turkey,(30)Jordan,(31)Lebanon,(32)Guinea,(33)Chad,(34)Benin,(35)Sudan,(36)Canada,(37)Sri Lanka and (38)India.

Other Information

Born in November 1935.
* Graduated from, Government College, Lahore in 1956.
* Master Degree in Political Science from Punjab University.
* LL.B from Punjab Law College 1958.
* Practised Law from 1958 to 1981 and from 1987 to-date as Advocate Supreme Court.
* Elected President Rawalpindi Bar Association 1977-78. Elected Vice President High Court Bar 1981
* Placed on the Panel of Experts for Pakistan Law Commission
** Minister for Information & Broadcasting and Religious Affairs 1981-85.
** Served Ambassador of Pakistan to Egypt 1985-86.
* Political Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan with the status of a Federal Minister 1986-87.
* Represented Pakistan in the United Nations General Assembly in the 45th Session in 1990-91.
* Elected Member of Pakistan Senate in 1991 for a term of six years.
* Elected Chairman, Standing Committee on Law and Religious Affairs of the Senate 1991-94.
* Appointed Member Board of Trustees, Islamic International University, Islamabad in
* Elected Secretary General, Motamar Al-Alam Al-Islam (World Muslim Congress) in 1992. The oldest International Organization of Muslims, established in 1926 which is a Class-I Consultative Status Observer with the UN and its allied bodies and Observer Status with the O.I.C.
* Elected Leader of the Opposition, Senate of Pakistan from May 1994-1996.
* Elected Leader of the House, Senate of Pakistan in 1997-99.
** Appointed Federal Minister for Religious Affairs in July 1997-October 99.
* Re-elected Secretary General, Motamar Al-Alam Al-Islami in 1997-2002.
* Elected Chairman, Pakistan Muslim League (N) 2000-todate.
* Again elected Secretary General, Motamar Al-Alam Al-Islami in December 2002 for another five years.
* Re-elected Secretary General of Motamar 2007-2012.
* Elected Member of the Senate 2009-2015 term.
* Elected Leader of the (Six Parties) Independent Opposition Group 2009.

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