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Event Title: The Standing Committee on Climate Change

Event Date: 2020-09-23

The Standing Committee on Climate Change in its meeting on Wednesday was briefed on issues pertaining to Faisal Mosque’s maintenance and cleanliness.  The Committee also took up matters related to Islamabad’s deteriorating Air Quality Index and issues of hygiene and capacity at the Landfill in Sector I-12.   


Chaired by Senator Sitara Ayaz, the meeting was attended by Senator Samina Saeed, Senator Sherry Rehman, Senator Sana Jamali, Senator Kesho Bai, Senator Faisal Javed, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Senator Muhammad Akram and senior officers from the Ministry for Climate Change along with all concerned. Veteran politician and Former Senator Jan Jamali was also present. 


The Committee showed grave displeasure at the lack of knowledge and naivety of the CDA, MCI officers regarding issues that were discussed in the meeting.  It was asserted that the blame game must end and that accepting responsibility is the only way forward. 


While deliberating over garbage collection and cleanliness of Faisal Mosque, the Committee was informed that janitorial services are being outsourced to M/S Dani enterprises with a contract that costs PKR 13.80 million.  The said Company has deputed 74 employees.  Members of the Committee were dismayed at the plummeting level of cleanliness at Faisal Mosque and questioned CDA of the feasibility of such a deployment where no visible results have been yielded.  The Committee demanded that the contract be cancelled immediately. 


Discussing the deterioration of Air Quality Index in Islamabad, the Committee, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed was of the view that Air Quality of Islamabad, despite its greenery, was worse than New Delhi and Beijing. EPA despite its claims of regular environmental monitoring were unable to satisfy the Committee of the reasons for this.  The Committee has directed EPA to submit all details regarding this in the next meeting. 


Taking up the matter of the old Landfill site in Sector I-12, the Committee showed grave concern regarding conditions of hygiene.  EPA informed the Committee that the new landfill site has not been regularized and therefore dumping at the new site cannot begin.   The new landfill site comes under the jurisdiction of the Forestry Department and hence an NOC from Ministry of Climate Change is required for this purpose.  The Committee showed serious concern regarding these issues and enquired the reasons for these issues not being brought up to the Committee earlier. The Committee summoned Chairman CDA, Mayor Islamabad and DG EPA in the next meeting.