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Event Title: Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani addressing the 5th World Speakers Conference through a virtual link

Event Date: 2020-08-21

The Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani addressing the 5th World Speakers Conference through a virtual link said that Parliamentarian can steer conducive parliamentary action towards ensuring inclusive and sustainable economies that deliver wellbeing and justice for all.  He said that road ahead will not be easy especially under the new realities of COVID-19 but we must be hopeful that by joining hands and learning from each other experiences nothing is impossible.   

He said that the World has witnessed great advancement and growth through industrial revolution.  But now we are facing a challenge to continue this growth in sustainable and equitable manner.  The impacts of COVID-19 have further worsened the global economic situation.  He said these impacts can be addressed through forging inclusive and sustainable economy by adopting global strategies and learning from best practices.  The Post COVID-19 era is difficult yet provides us with an opportunity to work together for human well-being and inclusivity for ensuring economic stability.


Chairman Senate reiterated that Pakistan’s parliament is fully committed to address the inequalities and provide enabling environment to the youth and citizenry for effective participation in economic system.  He apprised that world leaders that we are making all possible efforts to establish institutional mechanism in line with the 2030 agenda.  A robust Ehsaas (compassion) program was launched in 2019 to expand social protection, safety nets and support human capital development throughout the country.  Similarly, Sehat Sahulat program was launched to provide health insurance coverage for those in need.  To improve the literacy rate, Pakistan has been focusing on improving access and the quality of education.  Also, due to COVID-19 crises, Ehsaas Emergency Cash program has been launched to protect the livelihoods and jobs of vulnerable segments.


He emphasized that sustainable development will remain and unfulfilled dream without taking into consideration the impacts of climate change.  Pakistan Parliament has played a leading role in this regard.  “Pakistan Climate Change Act-2017” and establishment of Climate Change Caucus by Senate of Pakistan are some of the initiatives.


The conference is being attended by parliamentary leadership from around the world.