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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on Power

Event Date: 2020-07-16

A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Power was held on Monday at Parliament House. 


Chaired by Senator Fida Muhammad, the meeting was attended by Senator Ahmed Khan, Senator Dr Ghous Muhammad Khan Niazi, Senator Gianchand, Senator Molvi Faiz Ahmed, Senator Muhammad Akram, Senator Gianchand, Senator Mirza Muhammad Afridi and senior officers from the Power Division, NEPRA, K-Electric along with all concerned. Minister for Energy, Omar Ayub Khan was also present. 


The meeting commenced with consideration of Point of Public Importance regarding “effect of Thar Coal Project on local people,” raised by Senator Gianchand during the Senate sitting held on 24th January, 2020 and the Chair referred the matter to the Standing Committee on Power for consideration and report.  The Committee was informed that all efforts are being made to make the area SDG Compliant, schools are being established and 2 percent profit before tax will be used to uplift the people of the area.  The matter was disposed off, however, Chairman Committee Senator Fida Muhammad stressed the need for employing local workforce in all projects. Members were of the view that royalty from the Thar Coal Project must be invested in the area. 


Discussing the Point of Public Importance regarding policies related to renewable sources of energy raised by Senator Dilawar Khan during the Senate sitting held on 4th March 2020, the Committee was informed that Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has been promoting and facilitating the development and energy technologies in the country.  The development of renewable based power generation projects is being pursued on IPP mode through Private Sector Investors. Chairman Committee, Senator Fida Muhammad stressed the need to develop strong policies for this sector. 


Taking up 144 public Petitions submitted by K-Electric consumers wherein they have complained regarding overbilling, rampant load shedding, power supply disruptions, by K-Electric, Chairman Committee, Senator Fida Muhammad took stringent notice of the issue.  Since K-Electric Chief was unable to attend, members of the Committee were of the view that the agenda must be taken up in the next meeting.  The Chair directed that all agreements at the time of privatization must be shared with the Committee


Taking up the matter of a petition of Mr. Ozair Ayaz Khan (BE Mechatronics) complaint against PESCO, the Committee directed PESCO to stall all interviews until the matter is settled.  The Committee was of the view that this matter is of grave concern and therefore it needed to be looked into in detail in the upcoming meeting of the Committee.