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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on Railways

Event Date: 2020-06-09

Senate Standing Committee on Railways in a meeting on Tuesday discussed matters relating to steps being taken to protect passengers and employees of Pakistan Railways, compensation money for the victims of the Tezgam accident that took place in October 2019.The Committee took strict notice of the absence of Secretary Railways from the meeting and directed to ensure presence in the next meeting. Chairman Committee observed that the pandemic that has encircled the whole world needs to be tackled by ensuring acting upon all precautionary measures which is the best and most effective strategy. The Committee was told that in an attempt to control the spread of virus and for safety of passengers all passenger trains were closed on 31 March. After putting SOPs in place, 15 trains were resumed on 20 May and all trains were resumed on 1st June to provide means of travel for people while ensuring precautions. Only 60 percent tickets re being sold and 25 stations have been opened. The staff being called to work is also limited.


Regarding the Tezgam incident, the Committee was told that 34 people hit injured in the accident who were paid 50 thousand to 300 thousand for different cases making a total of 2 crores. 74 people died in the accident. Families of 68 people were paid 1.5 million each making a total of 10 crores. For the remaining 6 people the process is underway. The committee was told that this compensation is paid by life insurance fund of Pakistan Railways and not by ministry of Railways. The committee sought complete details of the payment on next meeting.