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Event Title: The Senate sub-Committee of the Senate House Committee

Event Date: 2020-02-03

The Senate sub-Committee of the Senate House Committee in its meeting on Monday at the Parliament Lodges discussed in detail the process of retendering of the contract of construction of additional block of the Parliament Lodges.  The Committee showed grave displeasure over CDA’s lax attitude towards hiring of the new Consultant and relieving the one working on the project previously.  


The Committee was informed that the previously hired Consultant has been pressuring the CDA to end the contract.  He has already received 75 percent of the payment, it was revealed.  The Committee took serious notice of this issue and said that only after responsibility is fixed on all those involved can the previous Consultant be relieved. The Committee asserted that all codal formalities be fulfilled as the hiring of the Consultant was against the rules; hence all those involved in appointing him have to be taken to task. In addition to this, irregularities committed by the Consultant during the appointment have to be investigated as well.     


The sub-Committee directed that CDA form an external inquiry Committee in consultation with Chairman, CDA to investigate the matter and submit the report to the main Committee within a month. 


Regarding hiring of the new Consultant, the Committee was informed that the Engineering Wing is overseeing the hiring process.  A case has been submitted to the CDA Board in its meeting on 18-12-2019. The summary has been approved.  After the appointment of the new Consultant cost estimates will be prepared.  Tenders will be invited after preparation of tender documents for the balance work by the Consultant.


Chairman Committee, Senator Mir Muhammad Yousuf Badini regretted that no real progress had been made in terms of the probe and that the report prepared by the CDA will have to be submitted to the main Committee as the time frame of the sub-Committee had been exhausted. 


Chaired by Senator Mir Muhammad Yousuf Badini, the meeting was attended by Senator Kulsoom Parveen, Senator Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tareen and senior officers from the CDA along with all concerned.