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Event Title: Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is a nuclear flash point, Senator Barrister Ali Khan Saif

Event Date: 2019-12-16

Senator Barrister Muhammad Ali Khan Saif who is heading the Pakistani delegation at the 12th plenary session of Asian Parliamentary Assembly being held in Turkey has said that Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is a nuclear flash point and a source of instability and unrest in the region due to the grave human rights violations in the occupied territory. He remarked that Kashmir, one of the oldest unresolved issues on the UN agenda, is a global issue that requires attention and prompt solution as per UNSC resolutions and universal principles of fundamental human rights, freedom, justice and fair play.

Senator Saif observed that for the last four months people of the Held Valley have been facing a brutal curfew and communications lockdown, human rights violations, murder, torture, arrests and restrictions on personal freedoms. He urged the members of Asian Parliamentary Assembly to play their due role in resolving the Kashmir issue as per UNSC resolutions for the sake of regional peace and progress.

The Indian delegations tried to sabotage the speech of the Pakistani delegation and attempted various interruptions but did not succeed. Senator Saif promptly responded to the interruptions and called upon the delegates to behave responsibly as parliamentarians and not as the mouth piece of Narendra Modi and his inhumane policies.

The 12th plenary of APA is being attended by 42 member countries and 20 observers in Turkey. The Pakistani delegation also includes Senator Taj Muhammad Afridi and Shamim Afridi.

The Pakistan delegation also reiterated its commitment to further strengthen the forum of APA by revisiting its internal administrative and financial structures and well as rules and mechanisms. It also called upon broadening its role in achieving cmmon ideals of democracy, durable peace, rule of law, inclusive development, respect for human rights and effective conflict resolution.