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Event Title: The Senate Implementation Committee

Event Date: 2019-12-11

The Senate Implementation Committee in its meeting on Wednesday at Parliament House took strong notice of the matter pertaining to Dr. Lal Rehman whose appointment on the basis FATA Domicile was denied by the FPSC. 


Senator Hidayatullah who raised the matter was of the view the view that rights of FATA areas that were merged into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are being usurped, since state machinery stands clueless about rules and laws pertaining to the issue.  He contended that placement of an advertisement once again for the same position must be put on hold unless clear directions have been issued from the Establishment Division.  The Committee asserted that the action taken by the Ministry has no Constitutional basis.  Chairman Committee, Senator Dilawar Khan informed the Ministry urged the Ministry to deal with the case compassionately.  The Committee gave directions of submitting all records of applications, shortlisting, etc, in the next meeting. 


Deliberating over the matter regarding issuance of Pakistan Origin Cards to Pakistanis living in European countries, the Committee was informed that as per circular letter banks are allowed to use certain documentation to ascertain their identity, as an alternative arrangement for biometric verification. This notification was issued by the SBP on 7 October, 2019. As desired by the Senate Special Committee, SBP provided copies of documents to tyhe Ministry of Foreign Affairs for circulation in all embassies especially the Gulf countries for awareness.  It is worth mentioning as of 31 October, 2019, 28.1 million (96.0%) active accounts have been biometrically verified and 1,18 million are still to be biometrically verified.  Moreover, 44590 accounts of overseas Pakistanis have been facilitated since the issuance of BPRD Circular Letter on 03 June, 2019.  Senator Sajjad Turi who had raised this issue of public importance appreciated the SBP and related organizations for their diligence. 


Discussing the matter of illegal occupation of property, raised by Senator Aurangzeb Khan, the Committee was of the view that NAB must be summoned in the next meeting to get details of this case. 


While considering the matter referred to Honourable Chairman Senate on the request of Senator Taj Muhammad Afridi, regarding implementation status of the report of the Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum.  Adopted by the House on 8 November, 2019, Senator Taj Muhammad Afridi was of the view that it is the collective responsibility of the Senate to ensure that the recommendations of the report are implemented.  He asserted that it would benefit the country as a whole and would play a phenomenal role in curbing corruption by mafias in the Petroleum Sector.  He asserted that unlimited ONC licenses were doled out, this he stressed that led to malpractice.  He asserted that OCC and NEPRA must be summoned in the next meeting as the matter cannot be investigated effectively without representatives of these organizations being present.  Chairperson OGRA supported an in-house solution.  She asserted that referring matters to NAB isn’t the answer to our problems.  It was agreed that a progress update be given in the next meeting. 


The meeting was chaired by Senator Dilawar Kahan and was attended by Senator Aurangzeb Khan, Senator Molvi Faiz Muhammad, Senator Naseebullah Bazai, Senator Nighat Mirza, Senator Saleem Zia, Senator Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tareen, Senator Sajjad Hussain Turi, Senator Taj Muhammad Afridi, Senator Hidayatullah and senior officers of the Ministry Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, FPSC, NADRA, Board of Revenue, KPK, Petroleum Division, Establishment Division. Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Muhammad Azam Khan Swati and Minister for State for Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Ali Muhammad Khan were also present.