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Event Title: In camera meeting of Committee on Postal Services held to determine course of action

Event Date: 2019-10-17

The Senate Standing Committee on Postal Services convened an in camera meeting on Thursday, to determine the Committee’s further course of action in conjunction with members. In addition to this the Committee deliberated over work carried out by the Committee since 2018 and current activities of the Standing Committee.


Chaired by Senator Mian Muhammad Ateeq Shaikh, the meeting was attended by Senator Mirza Muhammad Afridi, Senator Rana Mahmood ul Hassan, Senator Anwar Lal Dean, Senator Islamuddin Shaikh, Senator Mushtaq Ahmed and Senator Aurangzeb Khan. 


Chairman Committee, Senator Mian Muhammad Ateeq Shaikh lauded the efforts of the members and assured them that under his Chairmanship and with the help of the Committee members no stone will be left unturned to take the Institution forward.  He thanked the members of the Committee for their suggestions and said that this is opportunity for them to make a difference for Pakistan’s future generations.  He added that keeping in view recommendations, the Committee will ensure that compliance status be reviewed in every meeting and with a collective view decisions will be taken to formulate further action for the betterment of Pakistan.  Quoting Senator Anwar Lal Dean, the Chairman said that we will not allow this Institution to suffer the fate of PIA or Pakistan Steel Mills and will do all in our power to make the Senate Secretariat and Pakistan Proud. The Committee recommended that issues of Land recovery, irregular appointments, accumulated losses and business initiatives must be taken up. It also stressed serious efforts for rebranding of GPOs and post offices.