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Event Title: Committee briefed on Climate Change Authority and GLOF-II

Event Date: 2019-09-30

The Standing Committee on Climate Change in its meeting held on Monday was briefed by the Ministry of Climate Change on the present status of Climate Change Authority and GLOF-II Project.  


Chaired by Senator Sitara Ayaz, the meeting was attended by Senator Muhammad Ali Khan Saif, Senator Muhammad Akram, Senator Samina Saeed, and senior officers from the Ministry for Climate Change along with all concerned.  Advisor  to PM on Climate Change was also present. 


The Committee was informed that the Climate Change Authority would create 72 new posts.  Currently the Ministry of Climate Change is processing the draft Service Rules for Pakistan Climate Change Authority in consultation with the Ministry of Finance, Law Division and Establishment Division.  Once these Service Rules are approved and vetted from the relevant Ministries/Division, the same will be notified. 


Speaking on construction of Zero Carbon Metro Service in Karachi, the Committee was informed that it will use methane gas which would be produced by cow dung obtained from Cattle Mandi in city.  This is a USD 40 million project that, which is the first of its kind in the World.  The Committee showed concern regarding continuity and said that all good projects must not be curbed, despite change of administration and government.  This would benefit Pakistan. 


The Committee took strong notice of littering in Islamabad and said that the Mayor must be summoned in the next meeting to determine the reasons for non-payment of salaries to staff.  The Committee stressed the need for anti-littering policy and said that fines must be imposed. 


Taking up the issue of GLOF-II, the Committee was informed that there are over 7000 glaciers in the country, mostly in the northern part of the country and feed rivers that account for 75 percent of stored water supply in the country.  The Committee was informed that the objectives of GLOF-II is to empower communities to identify and manage risks associated with GLOF and other related impacts of climate change, and strengthen public services systems to lower risk of disasters.  The status of major projects was also shared. 


The Committee stressed the need rehabilitation victims of GLOF related disasters and others.  Also, compensation was demanded to restore livelihood of affected families.  The need to protect wildlife and formulate legislation for this purpose was also emphasized.  Commencement of projects similar to Watershed programs was asserted. Ban on cutting of trees on private property was stressed.  It was recommended that the Army must be taken on board to prevent littering of height posts.  SOPs must be developed.